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Discharging, conveying, weighing and feeding system for food process

Discharging, conveying, weighing and feeding system for food process

TiERMAX can offer advanced powder and granule handling solutions and high-quality equipment for the food industry. We have the know-how, experience and technology required, including a wide range of equipment, to configure the best powder & granules handling system for your product.

We specialize in storage & unloading, dense & dilute phase pneumatic conveying, mechanical conveying, dosing and feeding, mixing, packaging and automation & controls integration for the food industry.

Discharging (Unloading) Ingredients

Discharging (Unloading) Ingredients

The customer needed a method to discharge the ingredients from tanker truck, silo, big bag, sack, octabin into a conveyor, elevator system, hopper, mixer, etc.

The bulk discharging systems are used for unloading and discharging of bulk bag for powder and granular materials such as: salt, sugar, spices, carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, chocolate, cocoa, etc.

We can offer discharging systems for both liquids and solid ingredients with:

Big bag discharging system

Sack discharging (bag dump station)

Automatic bag opening system

Octabin discharging

Silo loading

Rotary piston pump

We offer an efficient, safe and dust-free discharging equipment.

Pneumatic Conveying System

Pneumatic conveying system is the simplest way to transport dry bulk materials (such as flour, salt, and sugar, etc) by using a low cost efficient equipment. We specialize in dense & dilute phase, pressure or vacuum conveying of pasta, cereals, coffee, sugar and many other granular, powder and pelletized products.

The pneumatic conveyors can feed different process machines such as mixers, extruders, dispensers, packaging machines, etc

We can provide complete material handling and conveying lines for all types of food products and ingredients, inclusive of difficult-to-handle and potentially hazardous materials like sugar.

Our pneumatic conveying systems meet all hygiene standards for food and dairy applications.


We can manage it with:

Dense phase vacuum conveying system

Dense phase pressure conveying system

Dilute phase pressure conveying system

Self-contained vacuum hopper loader

Silo loading

Venturi loader

Dosing and Feeding

TiERMAX offers feeders for most food applications, for accurate metering of a wide range of dry ingredients such as: starches, Herbs, spices, bakery ingredients, flour, sugar, salt, coffee beans and coffee powder, rice, tea, cereal, soy beans, nuts, milk powders, bread crumbs, whey powders, potato powder, cheese powders, infant formula/baby food, lactose, pet food, fish food, snacks, popcorn, cocoa beans and powder.

Whether you are feeding additives into mixers, extruders or cooker, or feeding the final product in packaging machines, we offer a single screw and twin screw, vibratory, volumetric or gravimetric feeder to meet your specific requirement.


Single screw feeder

Twin screw feeder

Liquid loss-in-weight feeder

Vibratory Tray Loss-in-weight Feeder

Batching system

Belt dosing system

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