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Form Fill Seal bagging machine

Form Fill Seal bagging machine

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Form Fill Seal bagging machine

Form Fill Seal bagging machine | TIERMAX

Form Fill and Seal bagging machine

Our Form Fill Seal bagging machine (FFS) was created to manage the packaging of free-flowing, powdery and granular products.

Form Fill Seal bagging machine (FFS) is designed to achieve a maximum output of 2000 bags/h, depending on the characteristics of the product. The structure is entirely made of stainless steel, ideal for corrosive and food products.

Our Form Fill Seal bagging machine (FFS) is equipped with 3 stations:

– the first station is responsible for closing and forming the bottom of the bag, cutting the film to the required length

– in the second station the bag is filled

– in the third station the bag is sealed

Its compact design makes it adaptable to narrow spaces. The PLC control makes any operation simple and easy, visible and manageable remotely

Features and Benefits of Form Fill Seal bagging machine (FFS)

Robust, compact and modular design

Micro-perforated reel to allow air escape from the bag

Electric reel lifter to allow the reel to be loaded without the use of external lifting means

Ease of cleaning and maximum hygiene standards: structure designed for easy cleaning, entirely made of AISI 304 / L stainless steel, watertight wiring

High production speed: the film dragging system and the PLC electric control panel, allow to reach very high productivity with any material and bag format

45 ° sealing of the corners (K-sealing) for a perfect bag formation

Touch-screen operator panel

Electrical control panel with latest generation PLC and touchscreen panel

Compliance of the machinery with the criteria required by Industry 4.0

Display equipped with ability to self-diagnose abnormalities

Different options of Form Fill Seal bagging machine (FFS)

Pneumatic device for the creation of lateral gussets

Annular metal detector

Check-weigher with ejector

K sealing device

Remote assistance

Product conveyor and loading system

Form Fill Seal bagging machine

FFS bagging machines are essential packaging equipment that streamline the packaging process, improve productivity, and ensure product integrity. Their high-speed capabilities, versatility, and cost-effectiveness make them a valuable asset for industries requiring efficient and automated packaging solutions.