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Ploughshare Mixer

Ploughshare Mixer

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Ploughshare Mixer

Ploughshare Mixer | TIERMAX

Ploughshare Mixer

Ploughshare Mixer | TIERMAX

Ploughshare Mixer

Tiermax ploughshare mixers are the ideal solution for the user in terms of product quality as well as cost savings. Our ploughshare mixer combines degrees of speed, precision, efficiency, and versatility not previously obtainable in a single mixing unit. Due to ploughshare mixers high-performance speed, they are among the fastest mixers with an average mixing time from 3 to 15 minutes.

When it comes to mixing tools, the size, geometric form, arrangement, and peripheral speed of each blade are all tailored to accomplish the desired mixing action for any individual application. Our ploughshare mixer provides maximum flexibility and can easily be integrated into a fully automated system or, alternatively, into a manual filling and emptying system, depending on the application.

The integral discharging hatch combined with the “Clean In Place” system enables a rapid change of recipe without any cross-contamination and waste production. A choice of jacket designs allows indirect heating and cooling is available. Our ploughshare mixers have a short mixing time, high-quality performance in particle distribution (up to 1:100,000), and batch repeatability, and are guaranteed cycle after cycle. These units are the ideal solution for flexibility, reliability, performance, and return on investment.

Our continuous and batch ploughshare mixers are used primarily where high volume production is a prerequisite in the processing of dry products, and dry products with liquids in surface coating applications.

Ploughshare Mixer Advantages:

Wide Range of Applications

Short Mixing Time

High Speed and Homogenous Mixing

Easy to clean

Large door for full access to the vessel interior

Better Discharge capability

Bearings and drive components are not disturbed for cleaning

Ploughshare Mixer Applications:

Solid/Solid mixing

Solid/Liquid mixing

Dispersing solids for color uniformity

Agglomerating (Particle Size Enlargement) Solids


Vacuum drying

Technical Specifications of ploughshare mixer:

Ploughshare Mixer

Technical Specification

Type Model Useful Capacity (Liter) Power (kW)
Plow mixer ( ploughshare ) Plow mixer ( ploughshare ) Plow mixer ( ploughshare ) Plow mixer ( ploughshare ) Plow mixer ( ploughshare ) Plow mixer ( ploughshare ) Plow mixer ( ploughshare ) Plow mixer ( ploughshare ) Plow mixer ( ploughshare ) Plow mixer ( ploughshare ) Plow mixer ( ploughshare ) Plow mixer ( ploughshare ) Plow mixer ( ploughshare ) Plow mixer ( ploughshare ) Plow mixer ( ploughshare ) Plow mixer ( ploughshare ) Plow mixer ( ploughshare )
TKB 55 TKB 100 TKB 250 TKB 400 TKB 600 TKB 750 TKB 1000 TKB 1300 TKB 1700 TKB 2000 TKB 2500 TKB 3300 TKB 3700 TKB 4400 TKB 5500 TKB 8000 TKB 10000
20 - 60 35 - 105 85 - 250 155 - 460 215 - 650 275 - 820 415 - 1250 475 - 1425 595 - 1780 700 - 2150 850 - 2545 1150 - 3445 1300 - 3900 1850 - 4830 1940 - 5825 2495 - 7485 3200 - 9625
1.2 - 3.0 1.5 - 4.0 4.0 - 9.2 7.5 - 18.5 9.2 - 22.0 11.0 - 30.0 18.5 - 45.0 18.5 - 45.0 30.0 - 55.0 30.0 - 75.0 37.0 - 90.0 45.0 - 110.0 55.0 - 132.0 75.0 - 160.0 90.0 - 200.0 110.0 - 250.0 132.0 - 300.0

TiERMAX Ploughshare Mixer

Our horizontal single-shaft ploughshare mixers range is the ideal solution for customers who require high-quality batches of specific materials. They have a wide range of industrial applications.
Tiermax horizontal ploughshares are ideal for intensive heavy-duty production sites, or when cross-contamination and residue are a critical concern, due to their countless configurations, industrial robustness, and high precision with which they are built.

Our ploughshares are made up of a cylindrical mixing drum with one or more inlets, one vent port, one or more outlets, and a solid main shaft that rotates inside the drum and is fixed in a specific sequence to which special mixing tools are fixed. The drum is closed by two end plates.

Our continuous ploughshare mixers and batch ploughshare mixers are available in carbon steel, wear-proof steel, or in Stainless Steel AISI 304 – 304L – 316 – 316L.
The shaft is always solid, with both extremities worked to the highest degree of precision and ensuring a perfect fit within the main shaft end supports.

The main shaft end supports support the bearings and the sealing system, preventing leaks from within the mixing drum. The sealing system will differ depending on the application (from a simple packing system to an air-purged system, to a greased system, to a combination of air-purging and greased system, to more complex solutions with mechanical seals or those used for units working under negative pressure).

Ploughs mixing tools have a very strong and vigorous penetrating action, while blades have a more gentle action on materials inside the mixing drum.
Inlets, which are typically round, can be designed to meet the needs of the customer and the layout of the plant (various sizes and shapes possible).

The outlet, which spans the entire length of the mixing drum, has a 60° door and is flush with the profile of the drum, avoiding any ‘dead’ mixing areas; depending on the application, it can be operated by pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders. This sophisticated solution ensures extremely low residue (0.2% of geometrical mixing drum volume) and a very short discharge time.

All continuous plow mixers (ploughshare) and batch plow mixers have one or more frontal inspection doors to allow the operator access to the mixing drum for inspection and maintenance. All inspection doors are equipped with mechanical or electro-mechanical safety locks and keys to prevent accidental opening while the unit is in operation.

The benefit of batch ploughshare mixers:

Mixing time: The mixing time of our batch ploughshare mixer is extremely short. These units, using fluidized bed technology, can mix a large number of ingredients with varying chemical-physical intrinsic properties in a very short time (from 30 to 180 seconds), while ensuring excellent particle distribution within the mix.

Batch repeatability: Our batch ploughshare mixers ensure excellent batch repeatability time after time.

Liquid incorporation: Because of their high turbulence, Our batch ploughshare mixers can incorporate significant amounts of liquids within the basic materials, with excellent distribution of liquid ingredients in the dry materials.

Easy and quick cleaning: Batch ploughshare mixers can be cleaned and serviced quickly and easily during routine and emergency maintenance.

The benefit of continuous ploughshare mixers:

– Strong, industrial construction

– All of the ingredients in the mix are extremely homogeneous (up to 1:100,000)

– Ideal for high throughputs that are consistent.

– Quickest mixing time

– Completely dependable and nearly maintenance-free units

– Best price/quality ratio – excellent ROI

– Maximum adaptability and total customization