Single Screw Feeder

Single Screw Feeder

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Single Screw Feeder

Single Screw Feeder | TIERMAX

Single Screw Feeder

Single screw feeder is often designed to provide high-accuracy feeding for a wide range of materials including pellets, granules, free-flowing powders.
TiERMAX single screw feeder is available with a variety of interchangeable feed screws depending on the material being fed. Many models adopt the same screw interface, so different screws can be easily installed and disassembled to realize  broader feeding rate by one feeder. Model TRS is designed to provide single feedback feeding control technology. It has improved the PLC signal acquisition, the speed, the response, the accuracy and stability of feeder.

Volumetric single screw feeder is most common and economical solution for free flowing bulk material. Gravimetric single screw feeder adopts high speed and highly accurate load cell. We supply both volumetric and gravimetric configuration and with exchangeable screw design. Our high-precision feeding system is widely used in high-precision feeding applications on engineering plastic, masterbatch, compounding, PVC compounds, HFFR, thermoplastic elastomer, bio plastics, chemical, cables, food, pharmaceutical, building materials and etc.

Advantages of a single screw feeder:

Regularity of flow

Product compliance

Easy to clean due to detachable components

Anti-bridging system included

Suitable for wide range of bulk material

Low-maintenance because of few wear points

Minimal power consumption

Features of our single screw feeder:

Gravimetric and volumetric configuration

Extension hopper

Interchangeable screw

Wide range of size and feeding rate

Version with Explosion protection

Hygienic Design

Anti-bridging system included

Suitable for wide range of bulk material

Easy and quick maintenance

External emergency stop

Single screw feeder technical specification:

Feed rate:

from 3-1500 kg/h

Hopper size:

from 10 liters to 150 liters (special order)


Dosing of any powder, pellet and fibers

Volumetric screw feeder control system:

Frequency driven unit control for continues and batch dosing system

Feed accuracy

+/- 0.5%

Single Screw Feeder

Technical Specification

Model Feed rate (kg/h): Motor Scale Material of Contacted parts Material of seal Asymmetric hopper(L) Symmetric hopper(L)
G-LW-TRS 45 G-LW-TRS 70 G-LW-TRS 100
5-150 150-800 500-1500
0.75KW, AC 380V, 3Ph, IP55 0.75KW, AC 380V, 3Ph, IP55 1.5KW, AC 380V, 3Ph, IP55
SCR 150KG, IP65 SCR 200KG, IP65 SCR 300KG, IP65
304 stainles steel 304 stainles steel 304 stainles steel
Silicone rubber/Nitrile-butadiene rubber/PTFE Silicone rubber/Nitrile-butadiene rubber/PTFE Silicone rubber/Nitrile-butadiene rubber/PTFE
40/80 80/120 --
-- -- 150

Single screw feeder technology:

Tiermax’s provides a single screw feeder with both volumetric and gravimetric configuration for continuous and batch processes. A single screw feeder can be used to feed a wide range of materials, such as pellets, granules, and free-flowing powders, with high precision.

The TiERMAX single screw feeder comes with a variety of feed screws that can be changed depending on the type of material being fed.

Volumetric screw feeders:

These volumetric feeders are ideal for dosing free-flowing raw materials in batches or continuously. Agitators, that are optional, ensure free-flowing powders and a smooth process of conveying, dosing, and/or mixing via dosing screw feeder systems.

Volumetric screw feeder is simple and effective equipment for dosing dry material that is also fast and easy to operate. The moisture content, flow properties, particle size, and bulk density of the product, all have an impact on how well the screw fills.

Volumetric screw feeder operation:

The volumetric feeding principle begins with retaining the auger full and on the other side, a volumetric screw feeder does this based on volume in speed. The size, pitch, and rotational speed of the screw (auger) are the main parameter in volume displacement. A volumetric screw feeder delivers the transfer of a specific amount of material to a process in a given amount of time.

These volumetric screw feeders are consisting of a controller, a hopper made of 304 or 316 stainless steel, a customized screw design, gearmotor, and a base plate.

Bulk material is stored in a screw feeder hopper and is continuously fed into a process using a variable screw speed. Screws are designed to achieve the desired feed rate based on the specification of the feeding material and its bulk density.

The required flow rate of material can be controlled by the controller. Single screw feeders (sometimes referred to as volumetric single screw feeders) are utilized in a wide variety of industries where dry free-flowing powders, granules, crystals, or pellets are used.

Gravimetric screw feeders:

A single screw loss-in-weight feeder can be used to accurately feed a wide range of materials, such as pellets, granules, free-flowing powders, and other bulk materials. This gravimetric single screw feeder is available with a range of replaceable feed screws to handle a variety of different materials. It adopts high-speed, highly precise load cells. The scale is constructed entirely of 304 stainless steel, as is the housing.

This gravimetric single screw feeder is easily disassembled for cleaning and changing. The gravimetric screw feeder may be equipped with a dispersing agitator or lump breaker to consistently fill the screw and prevent hopper bridging.

Gravimetric screw feeder operation:

By recording and measuring the materials used, a gravimetric screw feeder is a self-calibrating dosing system that doses based on the weight in a fast and efficient manner.

Our gravimetric screw feeder is equipped with three-point suspension scales and a self-detection function for more accuracy. It allows attritions of parts and frequency variation timely then revise them so the gravimetric screw feeder will not affect feeding precision.