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X-ray Inspection

X-ray Inspection

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X-ray Inspection

X-ray Inspection | TIERMAX

X-ray Inspection

Foreign body inspection using X-rays offers many advantages in addition to pure metal detection, especially in the confectionery and snack sector. Apart from the detection of further contaminants such as glass or stone, quality algorithms make a significant contribution to customer satisfaction.
For the inspection of products with metallic constituents, X-ray inspection systems are the only meaningful way of performing a final inspection complying to legal and trade standards. In the case of products with no intrinsic conductivity, which are simple to inspect, metal detectors offer advantages for the detection of low-density metals such as aluminium. In very rare cases this can also apply to magnetic contaminants such as iron or nickel. A combination of both technologies may be the best solution here for maximum security.

Advantages of X-ray inspection

Easy installation and handling, easy maintenance -> Easy way of X-Ray

Detects metal, glass, stone, plastic and other foreign bodies

Sophisticated algorithm package

High quality, low-wear system components

Hygienic Design

Integration-friendly compactness