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Automatic Bag Emptying Machine

Automatic Bag Emptying Machine

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Automatic Bag Emptying Machine

Automatic Bag Emptying Machine | TIERMAX

Automatic Bag Emptying Machine

The automatic Bag Emptying machine is suitable for discharging bags of about 20 – 25 kg containing granulate or powder materials with a potential maximum of 600 bags/hour. The new generation of depalletizers, Automatic Bag Emptying Machine, is the ideal way to automatically load granule polymers and powder in 25 kg bags in full pallets into silos or other storage containers, or directly into feed processing machines. It also includes an integrated automatic bag splitter.

A full pallet of bags (sacks) is lifted by the machine and set in the holding position. A unique gripping assembly with vacuum suction cups is patented and can handle five bags of raw material at once.

By positioning each row of bags on a vibrating grid mounted above the material collecting hopper, the bags are automatically discharged.

Features of the Automatic Bag Emptying Machine

Pallet lifter on bearing guides with mobile basement, driven by transmission and gear motor, non-maintenance toothed belts controlled by an inverter. Safety sensors along the entrance portal.

The pneumatic-mechanical gripping system, with patented claws, takes a layer of bags (sacks) at a time.

Cutting unit with diamond knife edge rotating blades made of special steel 

A vibrating grid controlled by a motor-vibrator is used to shake cut bags.

Hopper equipped with a maximum material level sensor to prevent bag splitting at full capacity.

Empty bags are expelled automatically by a dedicated mechanical bag ejector device, which pushes the empty bags directly on the machine's back side through a funnel.

PLC control system with touch screen graphic panel that allows management of the entire system, constantly monitoring the operating status, alarms, diagnostics, viewing dedicated pages of historical production such as number of emptied bags, by date, by material type, etc.

Options of the Automatic Bag Emptying Machine

Empty bag compactor.

Automatic pallet feeding with empty pallet stacker.

Regenerative inverter unit for energy recovery during braking.

Rotary dosing valve and compressor unit for silos pressure loading.

System with diverter valves for automatic silo selection to be loaded.

Depalletizer with Automatic bag emptying machine:

Pallet closed room, with an opening gate fitted with safety closing devices and side protections.

Vertical moving plate fitted with pneumatic-mechanical gripping hooks, to take a layer of bags at a time.

Trolley on suitable guides where to lock the plate with hooks, once it is lifted up, to horizontally slide over knives and hopper.

Cutting unit with rotating blades made of special steel, with diamond knife edge, driven by electric motors with the gearbox.

Granules collecting painted steel hopper, with the grid.

Cut-bags shaking system with special vibrating grid operated by motor-vibrator.

Automatic expulsion system of empty bags by mechanical bag ejector, to the rear side through a chute.

Control system by PLC