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Bucket Elevator

Bucket Elevator

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Bucket Elevator

Bucket Elevator | TIERMAX

Bucket Elevator

When it comes to high performance vertical transportation, bucket elevators are the most often used method.
Transporting loads up to a maximum height of 75 meters. Bucket elevators are capable of delivering 750 m3/h of flow.
Depending on the graininess and temperature of the product being transported, pulling media such as belts or chains are used to lift the product. The uniformity of the material is determined by adjusting the conveyor bucket on an individual basis.
The design and material of the bucket, as well as the conveying speed, all work together to provide effective filling and emptying. Even sticky and wet materials may be transported securely with bucket elevators. All continuous bucket conveyors are also available with an ATEX certificate for dust explosion zones 20 to 22. All parts that come into contact with the product can also be supplied in food-safe quality.

Bucket Elevator Applications :

Cement and building materials industry

Soda, potash and fertilizer industries

Waste treatment and recycling plants

Chemical industry

Glass and ceramics industry

Seed and feedstuffs industry

Bucket Elevator Advantages :

Low-maintenance continuous operation

Very stable running

High conveying capacity

ATEX design available

Even sticky and moist products can be safely conveyed with this system

Reliable monitoring systems

Product loss is minimal

Various materials are available for every component of the bucket conveyor.

Technical Data of Bucket Elevator

Conveyor performances

up to 750 m³/h

Centre distances

up to 75 m

Bucket width

125 mm to 1250 mm

Bucket Elevator

The bucket elevator is a mechanical device used to vertically transport bulk materials, such as grains, powders, pellets, and other bulk solids. It is a versatile and efficient piece of equipment commonly found in industries that require vertical conveying of materials.


The primary function of the bucket elevator is to transport materials vertically. It consists of a series of buckets attached to a conveyor belt or chain, which moves the materials upward or downward depending on the design and configuration. This enables efficient and controlled transfer of bulk materials between different levels within a facility.

Bucket elevators come in various designs and configurations to suit specific material handling requirements. They can be tailored to accommodate different capacities, heights, and flow rates. The size and shape of the buckets, as well as the speed and spacing of the conveyor, can be customized to optimize the lifting and conveying process.


Bucket elevators are engineered to handle large quantities of materials efficiently. With their robust construction and reliable operation, they can move bulk materials vertically over significant heights while maintaining a high throughput. This helps to streamline production processes and minimize manual handling, improving overall operational efficiency.

The bucket elevator is widely used in the agriculture and food processing industries. It efficiently handles commodities like grains, seeds, rice, cereals, and other agricultural products. In food processing facilities, it aids in the vertical conveying of ingredients, such as flour, sugar, spices, and other bulk solids, ensuring smooth production and packaging processes.


Bucket elevators find applications in various industrial sectors beyond agriculture and food processing. They are commonly used in industries such as mining, construction, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and recycling. They facilitate the vertical transport of materials like ores, aggregates, chemicals, powders, and pellets, contributing to efficient material handling and production operations.

Bucket elevators are designed with safety features to prevent material spillage, blockages, and other potential hazards. They can be equipped with monitoring systems to detect and address operational issues promptly. Regular maintenance and inspections help ensure smooth operation, extend equipment lifespan, and minimize downtime.


Investing in a reliable and well-designed bucket elevator can significantly enhance material handling efficiency, reduce manual labor, and improve overall productivity. If you are considering a bucket elevator for your facility, our team would be happy to assist you in finding the right solution that meets your specific requirements.