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Ribbon Mixer

Ribbon Mixer

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Ribbon Mixer

Ribbon Mixer | TIERMAX

Ribbon Mixer

Tiermax ribbon mixer is a basic industrial mixing machine and the most popular solution for the homogenization of different kinds of material. This U trough-shaped shell with a horizontal shaft mixer and also known as the slow-speed mixer is ideal for free-flowing or fragile material and thermosensitive ingredients.
There is the possibility to inject a certain level of one or more liquids in order to modify the characteristics of the products. Ribbon mixers can be supplied with different blade designs ( based on ingredient and application ) and heating or cooling jackets.
Ribbon mixers are used in all process industries including:
Plastic Powders, Pigments, Pharmaceuticals, Catalysts, Protein Powders, Vitamins, Spices, Food & Animal feed, Nutraceuticals, Cosmetics, etc.

Advantages of Ribbon Mixer :

Gentle mixing suitable for fragile material

Easy cleaning

Low maintenance

Compact design

Low power consumption

Explosion safe acc. to ATEX guidelines

Features of Ribbon Mixer :

Variable speed drive

Heating / cooling jacket

Vacuum / pressure design available

Pneumatic sampler

Hardened steels available for abrasive mixes

Various inlet and outlet valve depend on requirement

Ribbon Mixer

Technical Specification

Type Model Useful Capacity (l) Power (kW)
Ribbon Mixer Ribbon Mixer Ribbon Mixer Ribbon Mixer Ribbon Mixer Ribbon Mixer Ribbon Mixer Ribbon Mixer Ribbon Mixer Ribbon Mixer Ribbon Mixer Ribbon Mixer Ribbon Mixer Ribbon Mixer Ribbon Mixer
TRM 100 TRM 150 TRM 250 TRM 400 TRM 600 TRM 800 TRM 1000 TRM 1300 TRM 1500 TRM 1700 TRM 2100 TRM 2500 TRM 3200 TRM 3800 TRM 4500
55 - 135 100 - 235 160 - 370 240 - 555 340 - 790 460 - 1080 620 - 1440 800 - 1875 910 - 2120 1020 - 2385 1280 - 2980 1570 - 3660 1900 - 4445 2290 - 5335 2720 - 6340
0.75 - 1.5 1.1 - 2.2 1.5 - 3.0 2.2 - 4.0 3.0 - 5.5 4.0 - 9.2 5.5 - 11.0 7.5 - 15.0 8.0 - 16.0 9.2 - 18.5 11.0 - 22.0 15.0 - 30.0 18.5 - 37.0 22.0 - 45.0 30.0 - 45.0

TiERMAX ribbon mixers:

The batch ribbon mixer line is the best and most widely used option for homogenizing various types of material.

These horizontal batch mixers are especially well suited to handle dry powders and granules, whose intrinsic characteristics must not be modified and which must not be broken or squashed in any way. This is because of the four counter-rotating ribbon flights that move the materials across the length of the mixing trough, from the middle to the sides, and vice versa.

Technical features of batch ribbon mixers:

Our batch ribbon mixers consist of a mixing tank with one or more inlets, a vent, one or more outlets, and a belt rotating in the tank with four concentric, counter-rotating ribbons attached The main rotor shaft consists of blades that will mix the ingredients through the agitator. Entrance. The craft moves materials back and forth in the trough, pushing them from the center to the ends and vice versa. Both ends of the groove are closed by two end plates, and the shaft supports, bearings and seals are bolted to the end plates. An electric drive unit is connected to the main shaft and ensures that the shaft rotates at the correct speed in the mixing tank.

The shaft is made of thick pipe, and the ends are precision welded and lathed to ensure a perfect fit and coupling within the end supports.
The main shaft bearings and main seals are installed in the end supports to prevent leaks from the mixing trough. The main shaft seals can be of various types depending on the application for which the blender is designed (simple stuffing, air/nitrogen purged).
The four concentric, counter-rotating flights delicately push the materials back and forth inside the trough from the centre to the ends and vice versa, ensuring even particle distribution.
Inlets are designed to meet the needs of the application and the installation (various shapes and sizes possible).

The central outlet ensures that all materials are discharged once mixing operations are completed, with very little residue remaining inside the trough.
All batch ribbon mixers have bolted or hinged lids that allow the operator/service technician to perform cleaning or maintenance operations. Additional side inspection doors can be installed upon request. Both the lids and the inspection doors have safety mechanical or electro-mechanical locking devices that prevent them from opening while the blender is running. On request, bolted or hinged grids can be installed beneath the lids.

Each horizontal batch ribbon mixer comes with a drive unit that is specifically sized and configured to meet the needs of the customer and application. For low power, simple configurations, simple, compact drives are preferred, whereas larger units with higher installed power will be supplied with independent, self-supporting drive units with flexible pin coupling.

TiERMAX batch ribbon mixers benefits:

Gentle mixing: Horizontal batch ribbon mixers necessitate a medium mixing time. These blenders are ideal for handling delicate, thermo-sensitive, and fragile materials that cannot be broken or vigorously tumbled. They are also ideal for handling fragile ingredients such as flakes.

Low power consumption: Because of their low speed, our ribbon mixers do not require a lot of installed power and thus consume less energy.

Tiermax ribbon mixers maintain excellent batch repeatability in time despite being slower than other, more vigorous mixing technologies.

–  Tiermax ribbon mixers all feature simple access and upkeep.