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Ribbon Mixer

Ribbon Mixer

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Ribbon Mixer

Ribbon Mixer | TIERMAX

Ribbon Mixer - Batch Ribbon Mixer

Tiermax ribbon mixer is a basic industrial mixing machine and the most popular solution for the homogenization of different kinds of material. This U trough-shaped shell with a horizontal shaft mixer and also known as the slow-speed mixer is ideal for free-flowing or fragile material and thermosensitive ingredients.
There is the possibility to inject a certain level of one or more liquids in order to modify the characteristics of the products. Ribbon mixers can be supplied with different blade designs ( based on ingredient and application ) and heating or cooling jackets.
Ribbon mixers are used in all process industries including:
Plastic Powders, Pigments, Pharmaceuticals, Catalysts, Protein Powders, Vitamins, Spices, Food & Animal feed, Nutraceuticals, Cosmetics, etc.

Advantages of Ribbon mixer :

Gentle mixing suitable for fragile material

Easy cleaning

Low maintenance

Compact design

Low power consumption

Explosion safe acc. to ATEX guidelines

Features of Ribbon Mixer :

Variable speed drive

Heating / cooling jacket

Vacuum / pressure design available

Pneumatic sampler

Hardened steels available for abrasive mixes

Various inlet and outlet valve depend on requirement

Ribbon Mixer

Technical Specification

Type Model Min. Useful Vol. (l) Max. Useful Vol. (l) Power (kW)
Ribbon Mixer Ribbon Mixer Ribbon Mixer Ribbon Mixer Ribbon Mixer Ribbon Mixer Ribbon Mixer Ribbon Mixer Ribbon Mixer Ribbon Mixer Ribbon Mixer Ribbon Mixer Ribbon Mixer Ribbon Mixer Ribbon Mixer
TRB 100 TRB 150 TRB 250 TRB 400 TRB 600 TRB 800 TRB 1000 TRB 1300 TRB 1500 TRB 1700 TRB 2100 TRB 2500 TRB 3200 TRB 3800 TRB 4500
55 100 160 240 340 460 620 800 910 1020 1280 1570 1900 2290 2720
135 235 370 555 790 1080 1440 1875 2120 2385 2980 3660 4445 5335 6340
0.75 - 1.5 1.1 - 2.2 1.5 - 3.0 2.2 - 4.0 3.0 - 5.5 4.0 - 9.2 5.5 - 11.0 7.5 - 15.0 8.0 - 16.0 9.2 - 18.5 11.0 - 22.0 15.0 - 30.0 18.5 - 37.0 22.0 - 45.0 30.0 - 45.0

Ribbon Mixers

The ribbon mixer is a versatile and efficient mixing equipment commonly used in various industries, including food processing, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and more. It consists of a U-shaped trough with a set of inner and outer helical ribbons that rotate in opposite directions. This unique design facilitates thorough and uniform mixing of dry powders, granules, or pastes.


The ribbon mixer operates by loading the materials into the trough, and as the ribbons rotate, they create a fluidizing action that lifts and tumbles the ingredients. This movement ensures that all particles come into contact with each other, promoting efficient blending and homogeneity.

The helical ribbons in the ribbon mixer are carefully engineered to achieve optimal mixing performance. The inner ribbon moves the material towards the ends of the trough, while the outer ribbon pushes it back towards the center. This counter-current flow pattern ensures that the materials are continuously circulated, resulting in consistent mixing without dead zones.


The ribbon mixer offers several advantages. Firstly, it provides excellent mixing efficiency, even for materials with different particle sizes, densities, or flow characteristics. The gentle but thorough mixing action minimizes product degradation or damage, making it ideal for fragile or heat-sensitive materials.

The design of the ribbon mixer also allows for easy cleaning and maintenance. The trough can be accessed for thorough cleaning, and the ribbons can be removed or opened for inspection and maintenance purposes. This ensures hygiene and prevents cross-contamination when switching between different batches or products.

The ribbon mixer is highly versatile and can be customized to suit specific applications. Various options, such as jacketed troughs for temperature control or spray nozzles for liquid addition, can be incorporated to meet specific processing requirements.



Because of the shape and geometry of the spirals, reaching all parts inside the drum can be rather challenging. Usually, to keep costs low, inspection doors on the mixing drum are not provided (although they can be supplied). This means that access to the blender’s internal parts is only possible through the top lids: reaching the bottom of the drum is complicated, as is cleaning all sides of the 4 ribbon flights.



In terms of routine maintenance, this technology is user friendly: in the food industry, in particular, there is very little wear, the seals are not particularly subjected to wear and tear (all one needs to do is periodically check the packing and, if needed, tighten it.

From time to time it will need replacing). If, for any reason (although very rarely), one needs to repair or replace the spirals, then operations will involve major works (the unit needs to be completely disassembled, the rotor shaft extracted and repaired or replaced, and the whole blender needs to be re-assembled)