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Sack Discharging Station

Sack Discharging Station

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Sack Discharging Station

Sack Discharging Station | TIERMAX

Sack Discharging Station (Bag dump Station)

Tiermax’s sack discharging stations are designed to reduce material waste an to ensure and effective dust collection during manual or automatic process of opening and discharging of the bags.
Tiermax offers a wide range of manual, semi-automatic, and automatic sack discharging stations. Type of bulk material, sack size, discharged medium, downstream equipment, discharge speed, environmental aspects, ergonomics, and safety are all important factors that have an effect on the final design of the sack discharging station. Our sack discharging packages are available with dedusting tappings or integrated filters, Additionally, we may mount sack discharging station on sensors and provide them with a dosing device to manage the output distribution of these empty bags.

The automatic sack opening system is available with a ribbon cutting system. the parts of automatic sack opening system can be cleaned manually or mechanically with the option “cleaning in place” providing a complete washing and drying system. We offers customized solutions for your sack opening process according to your layout and flow constraints.

Advantages of Sack Discharging Station :

Holder for bag opening tool which is secured

Mirror polished finishing touches to improve product flow and ensure total hygiene

Perfect ergonomics

Healthy working atmosphere

Suitable for a large number of types of bags: paper, polywoven, lined...

Minimizes handling by the operator

Increased productivity

Reduction of dust emissions

Integrated bag compactor

Easy to clean

Features of Sack Discharging Station :

Pneumatically controlled cutting system

Ideal solution for explosion-proof areas

Dust collector

Tight door with glove box

Optional dust explosion rated design (ATEX)

Technical Specifications of Sack Discharging Station:


15 to 50 kg/ bag


up to 15 bag/min

Hopper volume:

up to 300 L

Length of bag:

up to 1,250 mm

Sack Discharging Station

A Sack Discharging Station, also known as a Bag Dump Station, is a specialized equipment used to safely and efficiently empty bags of bulk materials or powders. It is designed to streamline the bag unloading process, minimize dust emissions, and ensure a clean and controlled environment for workers.

The Sack Discharging Station typically consists of a worktable or platform with a dust collection system, bag support arms, and various safety features. The operator places the bag onto the support arms, which hold it securely in place. The bag is then opened, and its contents are discharged into the downstream process or conveyed to storage vessels.

One of the key advantages of a Sack Discharging Station is its ability to control dust emissions. Dust can be a significant concern in bag unloading operations, as it poses health risks to workers and can lead to contamination or equipment malfunctions. The station is equipped with a dust collection system that captures and contains airborne particles, ensuring a clean and safe working environment.


Additionally, the Sack Discharging Station improves operational efficiency by facilitating quick and easy bag unloading. The ergonomic design of the workstation minimizes operator fatigue and allows for efficient bag handling. This helps to reduce manual labor and increase productivity in material handling processes.

The station can be customized to accommodate different bag sizes and materials. It may include features such as adjustable bag support arms, dust-tight enclosures, and integrated conveyors or feeders for seamless material transfer. This flexibility allows for optimal integration into existing production lines and ensures compatibility with a wide range of materials and applications.

Overall, the Sack Discharging Station (Bag Dump Station) is a valuable equipment for efficient and safe bag unloading in bulk material handling operations. Its dust control capabilities, ergonomic design, and customizable features contribute to improved worker safety, increased productivity, and enhanced overall process efficiency.