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Polymer Preparation Station

Polymer Preparation Station

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Polymer Preparation Station

Polymer Preparation Station | TIERMAX

Polymer Preparation Station

Polymer solutions are used in wastewater treatment, paper manufacturing, drinking water treatment, and sewage sludge dewatering, among other places, to accelerate the sedimentation or flotation of suspended solids in water and improve the dewatering behaviour of thickened sludge.

Tiermax provides simple and flexible, cost-effective and powerful polymer preparation stations.

Our Polymer Preparation Station covers preparation systems for both dry and liquid polymers. To ensure efficient and economical operation, the systems are outfitted with precise flow measurement for solution preparation and filling level measurement.

Advantages of polymer preparation station

Client and application-specific, modular polymer preparation systems

High-grade PP tanks

Versatile use with powdered polymers, liquid polymers, or powdery/liquid composite polymers

High process efficiency due to a virtually complete solution of newly prepared polymer

The solution concentration is accurately adhered to, as the dry material feeder and the liquid concentrate pump can be calibrated in a reproducible manner

Low-maintenance filling level measurement due to a continuous, contactless ultrasound sensor

Very easy to use thanks to its compact PLC and built-in process visualization and touchscreen

Modular design based on an intelligent modular system

Sample Applications of Polymer Preparation Station

Sludge dewatering / conditioning

Wastewater treatment

Paper manufacturing

Drinking water treatment

Chemical industry

Process water treatment

Power stations


Options for Polymer Preparation Station

Hopper design

• Third agitator for PolyLine Flow


• Indicator for when the hopper is empty

Small-parts conveyor device

• Hopper design and hopper full signal


• Control panel

Overflow protection

• Signal exchange package

BUS connection

• Special voltages

Polymer Preparation Station

Technical Specification

Model PolyLine 500 PolyLine 1000 PolyLine 2000 PolyLine 4000 PolyLine 8000
Preparation capacity (at 45 min. maturing time)
500 l/h
1000 l/h
2000 l/h
4000 l/h
8000 l/h

Polymer Preparation Station

Tiermax offers three systems for Polymer Preparation Station.

The polymer is dissolved with water in the first chamber of the three-chamber system. In the second chamber, the product matures. The finished solution enters the third chamber via the overflow, where it is removed. A process that is optimally tailored to the task reduces product entrainment.

The pendulum system tank is divided into two chambers. In the chambers, the polymer solution is prepared in stages. The polymer solution is ready for extraction after a specified maturing time. Product entrainment is not permitted.

The chambers in the double-deck variant are stacked one on top of the other. In the upper chamber, the polymer is prepared. When the maturing period is over, the fully matured product is drained into the lower chamber. Through the process, product entrainment is avoided.