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Paddle Dryer / Cooler

Paddle Dryer / Cooler

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Paddle Dryer / Cooler

Paddle Dryer / Cooler | TIERMAX

Paddle Dryer and Cooler

The Paddle Dryer / Cooler is an indirect heat exchange drying equipment and is mainly composed of a shell, wedge-shaped blades, a hollow thermal shaft, a frame and a transmission system. The paddle dryer uses steam, thermal oil or hot water as the heat source, and the paddle cooler uses cold water or frozen brine as the cold source.

The Paddle Dryer/Cooler has developed in two series: dual-axis and four-axis; Three varieties: normal pressure type, vacuum type and positive pressure type; There are three types of hot shafts: wedge-shaped without meshing, wedge-shaped meshing, and wedge-shaped meshing with staggered teeth.

The processing capacity of a single Paddle Dryer/Cooler unit can reach 100 tons/day.

Scope of application of Paddle Dryer/Cooler

Sludge, molecular sieve

Aluminum hydroxide, titanium dioxide

Nanometer calcium carbonate, polyvinyl alcohol

Coal powder, metal salt, silicon slag

Sulfur concentrate, polyacrylate, coal pitch

Polyacrylonitrile, resin, slag, polymer carbonate

P-aminophenol, SBS rubber, etc

Paddle Dryer/Cooler

The Paddle Dryer/Cooler features robust paddles that create a fluidized bed of material. As the paddles rotate, they ensure excellent mixing and heat transfer, resulting in efficient drying or cooling. This design facilitates uniformity in temperature distribution and moisture removal, leading to high-quality end products.

The Paddle Dryer/Cooler is particularly effective for gentle cooling applications. It can rapidly cool materials while minimizing product degradation or moisture condensation. This makes it ideal for cooling heat-sensitive materials, such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and food products, where maintaining product integrity is crucial.



The Paddle Dryer/Cooler finds applications in a wide range of industries. It is commonly used for drying or cooling materials, such as powders, granules, sludges, and pastes. This equipment is applicable to various materials, including chemicals, fertilizers, minerals, food products, and more.

The Paddle Dryer/Cooler offers precise temperature control during the drying or cooling process. This ensures that materials are processed at the desired temperature, allowing for optimal product quality and consistency. The ability to control temperature accurately is essential for achieving the desired results in different applications.

The Paddle Dryer/Cooler is designed for continuous operation, enabling uninterrupted processing. With a continuous feed and discharge system, it ensures a constant flow of material through the equipment, optimizing productivity and reducing downtime.