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Dense Phase  Vacuum Conveying

Dense Phase Vacuum Conveying

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Dense Phase  Vacuum Conveying

Dense Phase Vacuum Conveying | TIERMAX

Dense Phase Vacuum Conveying

The dense phase vacuum conveying systems are particularly suitable for systems which convey materials at high capacities over short to medium distances, from multiple sources to a single or multiple destinations. The low convey velocities and vacuum method make it suitable for food, dairy and pharmaceutical applications with friable or fragile agglomerated powders.
Our dense phase vacuum conveying system is the best solution for transferring abrasive materials to prevent damage to pipelines as well as preventing erosion for friable powders and granules.
When integrated with weighing systems, these systems can be used with metering equipment (feeders, airlock rotary valves, etc.) for a controlled introduction of raw materials into your manufacturing process.
The explosive, abrasive, and poor flow powder can transfer by new generation of powder transferring system, it can easily be installed in your process with extension options to meet your production requirements.
As an alternative, hygienic vacuum conveying, easy-clean vacuum systems and line purge vacuum systems are offered as options.

Advantages of Dense Phase Vacuum Conveying System :

Flexibility of the system

Line purge

Clean In Place

Hygienic design

Loading of reactors under pressure

Easy implementation

All materials, all flows

No material degradation

Features of Dense Phase Vacuum Conveying System :

Construction material: mild steel. SS 304L, SS 316L

EX design ( Optional )

Weighing of bulk material

Flexible pipe routing design

Easy clean design

Gasproof and pressure surge-protected variants up to 10 bar

Technical Data of Dense Phase Vacuum Conveying System :

Flow rate:

from 5 to 10,000 ltr/hr

Conveying distance:

up to 120 m