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Dosing and feeding

Dosing and feeding

TiERMAX offers a comprehensive line of dosing and feeding equipment for powder, granule, fibre, and liquid. We offer both volumetric and gravimetric configurations with an interchangeable screw design for dosing powders and bulk materials in all industrial sectors, particularly the food, chemical, pharmaceutical, and plastic industries. The different type of dosing pumps and dosing systems while allowing dosing without deterioration of the raw material. All parts in contact with the bulk material are made of stainless steel to avoid powder or bulk and liquid material degradation.

Gravimetric Dosing Systems:

Gravimetric controlled dosing systems enable clear batch traceability. Recipe-controlled dosing systems ensure consistent high product quality. By utilizing frequency-controlled dosing screw drives, servo drives, and magnetic drives in dosing feeders, dosing variations are kept within extremely tight tolerance limits. A robust weighing frame with integrated DMS load cells and standardized dosing programs serves as a reliable industrial solution for differential dosing.

Volumetric Dosing Systems:

As the demand for product quality increases, the need for precise dosing accuracy and tight tolerance limits in recipe dosing continues to grow. Meeting these customer requirements reliably necessitates the use of precision dosing systems with intelligent dosing programs and extensive expertise in handling bulk materials. Achieving a consistently uniform material flow is crucial in volumetric dosing.

The incorporation of suitable conveying aids such as agitators, vibration engineering, and fluidization ensures continuous dosing with a stable mass flow rate.