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Compact Loss-in-weight Feeder

Compact Loss-in-weight Feeder

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Compact Loss-in-weight Feeder

Compact Loss-in-weight Feeder | TIERMAX

Compact Loss-in-weight Feeder

Our compact loss-in-weight feeder can be used for feeding of high precision micro powder. The optimized agitator can prevent poor flowing powders that tend toward bridging. The feeding parts can be easily installed and disassembled, and easy to clean, replace and maintain.

Accuracy is the key feature of our compact loss-in-weight feeder. It utilizes advanced technology to measure and control the flow rate of materials with unparalleled precision. This ensures that the exact amount of material is fed, minimizing waste and optimizing production efficiency. You can rely on our feeder to consistently deliver precise feeding results.

Operating the compact loss-in-weight feeder is simple and user-friendly. We have designed it with intuitive controls that make setup and operation hassle-free. Even if you are not an expert in feeding systems, you can easily navigate through the controls and adjust the settings to meet your specific requirements.

Advantages of Compact loss-in-weight feeder:

Prevent bridging


Corrosion resistance

Easy to clean

Applications of Compact loss-in-weight feeder:

Pharmaceutical Industry

Food Industry (spices, flavors, and colorants, etc)

Chemical Industry (catalysts, pigments, and additives, etc)

Plastics Industry (colorants, lubricants, and flame retardants, etc)

Cosmetics Industry

Compact Loss-in-weight Feeder

Technical Specification

Type Feed rate (kg/h) Motor Scale Material of contacted parts Material of seal Hopper (L)
1-30 0.5-5 1-60
0.4KW servo motor, AC 380V 3Ph, IP55 0.4KW servo motor, AC 380V 3Ph, IP55 0.4KW servo motor, AC 380V 3Ph, IP55
304 Stainless steel 304 Stainless steel 304 Stainless steel
Silicon rubber/ Nitrile-butadiene rubber/PTFE Silicon rubber/ Nitrile-butadiene rubber/PTFE Silicon rubber/ Nitrile-butadiene rubber/PTFE
6/10 6/10 6/10

Compact Loss-in-weight Feeder

This advanced feeding solution is designed to provide precise and accurate feeding of bulk materials in industries where precision is of utmost importance.

The compact loss-in-weight feeder is specifically engineered to handle small quantities of materials with exceptional accuracy. Whether you are working with micro powders, our feeder ensures precise feeding to maintain consistency in your production process.

With its compact design, the compact loss-in-weight feeder is the perfect choice for industries with limited space. It can easily fit into tight spaces, making it suitable for laboratories, research facilities, and small-scale production lines. Our feeder allows you to maximize your workspace without compromising on performance.

Durability and reliability are paramount in our design. We understand that your production processes demand equipment that can withstand rigorous use. That is why our compact loss-in-weight feeder is built with high-quality materials and a robust construction, ensuring long-lasting performance and minimal downtime.

By investing in our compact loss-in-weight feeder, you are investing in efficiency and productivity. With precise feeding, you can maintain consistency in your production, reduce material waste, and improve overall efficiency. This translates into cost savings and increased profitability for your business.

Our micro loss-in-weight feeder is the ideal solution for industries that require precise feeding in limited spaces. With its compact design, accuracy, user-friendly controls, and durability, our feeder will enhance your production process and improve overall efficiency. Invest in our micro loss-in-weight feeder today and experience the difference it can make in your operations.

We are committed to providing top-notch solutions to meet your unique needs. Our team of experts is always ready to assist you, whether you have questions about our compact loss-in-weight feeder or need support during installation and operation. We value our customers and strive to deliver exceptional service every step of the way.

Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements and let our expert team help you find the perfect feeding solution for your business.


The operation principle of the loss-in-weight feeder:

The feeder is used as a weighing body, the material flows out during operation, the weight signal of the symmetrical body of the control system is sampled at high frequency and high speed and the weight of the material reduced per unit time is calculated. Filter technology processing get the actual flow of weightless scale. The self-developed microchip control and PID algorithm carry out the control operation approaching the set flow and output the signal to adjust the feeder to ensure that the measurement accuracy of the equipment reaches ±0.5%.