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Compact Loss-in-weight Feeder

Compact Loss-in-weight Feeder

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Compact Loss-in-weight Feeder

Compact Loss-in-weight Feeder | TIERMAX

Compact Loss-in-weight Feeder

Our compact loss-in-weigh feeder can be used for feeding of high precision micro powder. The optimized agitator can prevent poor flowing powders that tend toward bridging. The feeding parts can be easily installed and disassembled, and easy to clean, replace and maintain.

Advantages of Compact loss-in-weight feeder:

Prevent bridging


Corrosion resistance

Easy to clean

The operation principle of the loss-in-weight feeder:

The feeder is used as a weighing body, the material flows out during operation, the weight signal of the symmetrical body of the control system is sampled at high frequency and high speed and the weight of the material reduced per unit time is calculated. Filter technology processing get the actual flow of weightless scale. The self-developed microchip control and PID algorithm carry out the control operation approaching the set flow and output the signal to adjust the feeder to ensure that the measurement accuracy of the equipment reaches ±0.5%.