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Caustic Soda Preparation System

Caustic Soda Preparation System

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Caustic Soda Preparation System

Caustic Soda Preparation System | TIERMAX

Caustic soda preparation system

Tiermax has developed caustic soda preparation system, a cost-efficient system solution specifically aimed at industries with fluctuating, but large requirements of alkaline detergents or for countries where a continuous delivery is not secured.

This solution ensures the safe and efficient preparation of soda lye on the basis of sodium hydroxide (NaOH) in solid form (pellets, flakes, beads or powder) and water. When mixing caustic soda from solids, an exothermic reaction with temperatures of up to 95 °C occurs.
The Tiermax caustic soda preparation system is designed so that the user can easily feed the caustic soda flakes into the process from a safe distance.

The stainless steel hopper is filled with solids by means of a screw conveyor; these solids are fed into a feed hopper by the operator. The safety of the user is ensured by the distance to the hot tank.

Applications af caustic soda preparation system

Disinfection of drinking, industrial and cooling water.

Preparation of drinking, industrial, sewage and process water (industrial and comunal)

Removal of biofilms in pipe systems

PH-value-independent disinfection

Destruction of germs, spores, yeasts, viruses

Advantages of caustic soda preparation system

Separation of debagging station and preparation tank based on design and optional suction device to boost people and environment safety.

Cost savings for bagged caustic flake transportation, delivery, and storage when compared to ready-made solutions

There is no need for extensive structural safety features that would be required if liquid caustic were delivered via hazardous goods tankers.

Cost-effective solution preparation as needed by preparing only what is needed for each process

More control over the concentration of each solution by increasing or decreasing the amount of solids

Design & Features of caustic soda preparation system


Medium-affected parts are made of stainless steel

Debagging station:

Debagging with screw conveyor approx. 1000 kg/h

Tank size:

Mixing tank made of stainless steel (Capacity 1,000 / 2,000 / 5,000 liters)


Level indicator with shut-off valve, temperature control and safety line cage to prevent accidental physical contact

Solid-based sodium hydroxide solution:

Tiermax has created a cost-effective system solution for industries with fluctuating but high alkaline detergent requirements, such as sodium hydroxide. This solution ensures that sodium hydroxide (NaOH) in solid form (pellets, flakes, beads, or powder) and water are used to make soda lye in a safe and efficient manner.

The importance of safety and efficiency:

The basic system includes a stainless steel preparation tank, an agitator, and a separate conveyor from the preparation tank. The conveyor is made up of a hopper and a stainless steel feed screw that transports solids into the preparation tank.

This design keeps the operator out of the preparation tank’s immediate danger zone, where the solids react exothermically with water.

The preparation tank comes in capacities of 1000, 2000, and 5000 liters. To prevent accidental body contact, it has a level gauge with a shut-off valve, a temperature gauge, and a tubular safety frame.

Additional options and accessories for Caustic Soda Preparation System:

The prepared solution is transferred into a larger storage tank using either a transfer pump mounted on the preparation tank or a transfer unit separate from the preparation tank.
As an added safety feature, an optional hopper cover and a special suction device are available.
With the help of a PLC, the entire system can be partially automated or integrated into existing process control systems.