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Octabin Discharging

Octabin Discharging

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Octabin Discharging

Octabin Discharging | TIERMAX

Octabin Discharging

Octabin discharging machinery is built particularly for emptying raw materials supplied in octabin or large bag containers. It is an easy-to-operate and safe-to-handle device due to its strong structure and the little floor area required.

The control mechanism simplifies and optimizes the octabin discharging system’s operation by automatically regulating the predetermined settings, obviating the need for any readjustment actions during usage.

Octabins may be manually or automatically emptied.

Advantages of Octabin Discharging System:

Pneumatic clamping

Hydraulic unit tilting

Deliverable in ATEX zone

Customized version available

Applications of Octabin Discharging System

Chemical: citric acid, urea

Food: caramel, coffee, coconut, egg powder, barley, gluten

Plastic: polyethylene, fibre

Mineral : zinc,...

Technical Specifications of Octabin Discharging System :

Rate :

1,5 tons/ octabin

Tiling angle :

0 to 120

Accuracy of the weighing chain :

± 500 grams

Maximum size of octabin :

1,200 x 1,200 x 2,400 mm