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Aero Mechanical Conveyor

Aero Mechanical Conveyor

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Aero Mechanical Conveyor

Aero Mechanical Conveyor | TIERMAX

Aero Mechanical Conveyor

Aero mechanical conveyors are designed to handle a wide variety of powders, granular products and bulk material. Aero mechanical conveyor is a high speed cable and disc conveyor made up of two or more special housings connected by tubes and fitted with particular sprockets, which turn the rope passing it on to the conveying tube.
The plastic discs fixed on the cable at regular intervals create discrete air pockets as they travel along the tube. Materials are conveyed with the minimum of degradation and separation, which is particular important with friable and fragile materials.

Advantages of Aero Mechanical Conveyor

Self-cleaning disk system

Compliance with crumbly and fragile materials

Conveying of materials with heterogeneous density and particle size

Flexibility of implementation

Applications of Aero Mechanical Conveyor

Fragile products

Oily and sticky product

Technical Specifications of Aero mechanical conveyor:

Flow rate:

1 to 60 m3/h


up to 10 m

Conveying length:

up to 50 m

Aero mechanical conveyor

The high linear speed imparted to the discs issues estrema as to create air displacement with consequent material fluidization, high-speed running and significant lower power consumption, which guarantee high efficiency and considerable outputs.
Discharge of the material from the air steam is achieved by centrifugal action: the product passes out through a discharge end, while the air is recirculated down the return tube into the circuit.
The totally enclosed, dust-free handling environment, the wide variety of handled products with different specific weights and the highly adaptable capacity of the system to match existing plants make our aero-mechanical conveyors extremely efficient, reliable, ecological and highly versatile