Cone Mill

Cone Mill

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Cone Mill

Cone Mill | TIERMAX

Cone Mill

Simple, efficient, of rugged construction. These are some of the possible adjectives that better represent the characteristics of our cone mill. The cone mill is mainly suitable for de-lumping and sizing of products, in medium batch, having heterogeneous particle size. The Cone mill can be used as a stand-alone system or as an integrated component in complete production lines; furthermore to feed the cone mill no metering device is normally required.

The product, when fed into the calibrating chamber, is forced by a rotating impeller outward to the conical screen surface and once the product has passed through the screen, it falls into the receptacle beneath.

TiERMAX offers cone mill which can be used both as an autonomous system and as an integrated component into complete process lines and can also be configured for installation in isolator in the treatment of highly active principles. The cone mill can be used to process, with high-performance, several kind of materials even wet, fragile, gummy etc.

Advantages of cone mill:

High throughput

Perfectly repeatable results

Easy disassembly and reassembly

Easy and quick to be through cleaned

Low noise level

Perfect dust proof

All the assembling and disassembling operations can be carried out even by the personnel charged with plant working

Optional for our cone mill:

Screw feeder

Electric control board

Realization with inertizing and oxygen monitoring devices

Realization in compliance with ATEX directive 94/9/EC

Finenesses: up to 350 μm

Cone Mill application sectors: