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Self-Contained Vacuum Hopper Loader

Self-Contained Vacuum Hopper Loader

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Self-Contained Vacuum Hopper Loader

Self-Contained Vacuum Hopper Loader | TIERMAX

Self-Contained Vacuum Hopper Loader

The self-contained vacuum hopper loader may be called by different names such as Loaders, Bin Loaders, Pellet Loaders, Powder Loaders, and Regrind Loaders. Our vacuum hopper loaders transport pellets, regrind, and powders from a single source (often a Gaylord) to a single destination (usually a blender, drying hopper or machine throat). Hopper loaders build totally in stainless steel. The integrated soft-start technology is a great option to save energy.
Blower integrated into the protection lid. Control with keyboard, display, and alarm lamp. A flexible hose links the lance to the loader once it is put into the material supply container. The loader is placed on top of the destination site, and a small powerful engine creates a suction that draws the material into the loader’s body via the pickup lance and flexible hose.

Self-Contained Vacuum Hopper Loader Features:

Load time management;

Material shortage alarm

Soft Start integrated

Brush wear visual alarm;

Integrated control for ratio valve with the management of the cycles for reduce the material stratification during the load phase;

Self-Contained Vacuum Hopper Loader Application:

Vacuum Hopper

Material Bin

Hopper Dryer

Sight Glass Hopper Loader

Self-Contained Vacuum Hopper Loader

Technical Specification

Model Recommend Throughput Voltage Hopper Capacity Air pressure Capacity
40 kg/h 90-100 kg/h 120-160 kg/h
230V / 1 / 60 Hz 230V / 1 / 60 Hz 230V / 1 / 60 Hz
5 liters 10 liters 15 liters
6-8 bar 6-8 bar 6-8 bar
1 dm3 10 dm3 15 dm3

Self-contained vacuum hopper loader

A self-contained vacuum hopper loader is a specialized equipment used in material handling systems to automatically load granular or powdered materials into processing machines, such as extruders, injection molding machines, or packaging lines. It is designed to streamline material transfer, improve efficiency, and reduce manual handling.


Here are some key features and benefits of self-contained vacuum hopper loaders:


Material Conveying: The primary function of a self-contained vacuum hopper loader is to convey materials from a storage container or central hopper to a processing machine. It utilizes a vacuum system to create suction and draw the material into the loader.


Self-Contained Design: These loaders are self-contained units, typically consisting of a hopper, vacuum generator, filter, control panel, and conveying tubing. This design allows them to operate independently without the need for external equipment, making them easy to install and integrate into existing material handling systems.


Vacuum Technology: Self-contained vacuum hopper loaders employ vacuum technology to create suction and transport materials. The vacuum generator generates negative pressure, which draws the material from the source and into the hopper loader. This method is efficient, fast, and gentle on the material being conveyed.


Efficiency and Productivity: By automating the material loading process, self-contained vacuum hopper loaders significantly improve efficiency and productivity. They eliminate the need for manual handling, reduce material spillage or waste, and enable continuous material flow, minimizing production downtime.


Dust Control and Material Cleanliness: These loaders incorporate a filtration system to capture dust and fines generated during material conveying. The filter prevents particles from entering the processing machine, ensuring a clean and controlled material transfer. This feature is particularly crucial for industries with strict cleanliness and quality requirements.


Versatility: Self-contained vacuum hopper loaders are designed to handle a wide range of materials, including powders, granules, flakes, or pellets. They can be used with various types of materials, such as plastics, food products, chemicals, or pharmaceuticals.


User-Friendly Operation: These loaders are equipped with user-friendly control panels that allow operators to easily adjust settings, monitor material levels, and control the loading process. Some loaders may have additional features like automatic loading cycles, material level sensors, or alarms for added convenience and operational safety.


Compact and Space-Saving: Self-contained vacuum hopper loaders are typically compact in size, making them suitable for installations where space is limited. Their compact design also allows for easy relocation or integration into different areas of the production floor.