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Petroleum Coke Preheater

Petroleum Coke Preheater

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Petroleum Coke Preheater

Petroleum Coke Preheater | TIERMAX

Petroleum Coke Preheater

Our preheaters are used to heat up petroleum coke. Petroleum coke is a residue formed as a by-product of petroleum refining and is made of almost pure carbon. Our Petroleum coke Preheaters are responsible for the heating process, which involves heating the petcoke from a minimum of 0°C to around 200°C. The heated petroleum coke is then mixed with hot pitch in a kneader. The paste is then shaped into blocks. We provided Petroleum coke Preheaters distinguish themselves from other items accessible on the global market due to their state-of-the-art construction. Our design provides significant benefits in terms of maintenance, longevity, efficiency, and the amount of space needed. By applying the hollow flight principle our Petroleum coke preheaters offer maximum performance within the smallest possible space.

Advantages of our Petroleum Coke Preheater :

Modular design out outer insulation

Minimizing the heat losses at high temperature heating medium

Maximizing the serviceability by easy dismountable insulation covers

Especially developed carbon bearings, with the smallest possible maintenance work and costs.

Technical data of our Petroleum Coke Preheater :

Throughput rate up to 60 t/h (currently, might be increased later)

Product temperatures up to 220°C

Modular insulation

The entire unit is placed on a solid frame, no individual foundations

Petroleum Coke Preheater

In anode production, the petroleum coke preheater utilizing the hollow flight principle is a specialized equipment that plays a crucial role in the preheating of petroleum coke. This innovative design enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of the preheating process, ensuring optimal carbonization and preparation of the coke for anode manufacturing.

The petroleum coke preheater with the hollow flight principle features a screw conveyor with hollow flights. These hollow flights allow for the circulation of hot gases or combustion air within the screw, creating a highly efficient heat transfer mechanism. As the petroleum coke is fed into the preheater through an inlet, it comes into contact with the heat transfer oils (or steam) circulating within the hollow flights.



The hollow flights enable a significant increase in the heat transfer surface area, maximizing the contact between the hot oils (or steam) and the petroleum coke. This results in enhanced heat transfer efficiency, promoting rapid and uniform preheating of the coke.

The utilization of the hollow flight principle in the petroleum coke preheater offers several advantages in anode production. Firstly, it ensures thorough and consistent heating of the petroleum coke, enabling optimal carbonization and chemical reactions during anode manufacturing. This leads to improved anode quality and performance.

Furthermore, the hollow flight design enhances energy efficiency in the preheating process. The efficient heat transfer mechanism allows for reduced energy consumption, as less energy is required to achieve the desired temperature for the coke. This contributes to cost savings and sustainability in anode production.


The petroleum coke preheater with the hollow flight principle can be customized based on the specific requirements of the anode production facility. Factors such as the capacity, dimensions, and configuration of the screw conveyor can be tailored to suit the production needs.

Overall, the petroleum coke preheater employing the hollow flight principle is a vital component in anode production. Its innovative design optimizes the preheating process, ensuring efficient utilization of petroleum coke as a carbon source. By enhancing heat transfer efficiency and energy savings, it contributes to improved anode quality and the overall efficiency of the anode manufacturing process.


The modular insulation is on one side maintenance friendly due to rapidly removable panels and insures on the other side by minimizing radiation losses best possible exploitation of the supplied heat.

The challenge mastered by extensive development is compensation of the thermal expansion of the worm shaft, which is completely absorbed by the especially developed our carbon bearings, with the smallest possible maintenance work and costs. The tongue-shaped shaft passages enable individual worm shafts to be replaced easily without dismantling the end wall or the other shafts. This minimizes downtime significantly.