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Screw Heat Exchanger

Screw Heat Exchanger

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Screw Heat Exchanger

Screw Heat Exchanger | TIERMAX

Screw Heat Exchanger

We provide unique solutions for each specific field of application and cover the entire process portfolio, including cooling-off bulk-solids such as bed-ashes, drying of sludges or pastures, and heating-off, such as petcoke for the anode lines of the aluminium industry, among other applications.
Our screw heat exchangers vary substantially from the usual versions available on the market due to the fact that screw heat exchangers use the well-proven Hollow-Flight Principle, which contains a number of advantageous characteristics. The possible power density is a significant benefit as compared to the energy transfer through shaft tube and trough, which is a disadvantage (housing). With the help of the Hollow-Flight Principle, we are able to accomplish a multiple of transmission power, which results in improved efficiency and allows us to use a smaller machine size for a given output.

Advantage of Screw Heat Exchanger

Maximum capacity by active heat contacting surfaces

Compact design

Absolute safe separation of heat transfer medium and product

Low thermal stress of the flight material

Explosion safe acc. to ATEX guidelines (inner zones as also outer zones)

Free choice of heat transfer medium (water, steam, thermal oil, brine, freezing agent etc.)

Technical Data of Screw Heat Exchanger :

The temperature range of the screw heat exchangers extends from 1200°C (cooling) to over 220°C (heating)

Heat transfer media temperatures above 350°C.

Process room pressure from 20mbar abs. up to 30 bar

Forced mechanical cleaning

High shear forces

Clean surfaces ensure efficient energy transport

Speed ratio of the shafts 2:1 (same rotational direction)

As some bulk products tend to form adhesions and tend to be bridging, they often build an insulating layer on the hollow flights.

Depending on the condition of your bulk product, sludge or paste, the self-cleaning provides a proven, reliable option for the screw heat exchanger, which ensures uniformly clean hollow flight surfaces. As these constitute the main surfaces for heat transfer, efficient operation can thus be ensured.

By using a special geometry, the gap in-between the hollow flights is nearly eliminated and a high relative speed is generated between the surfaces of the screw shafts. This in turn has a cleaning effect; it removes adhering bulk materials and results in greater efficiency. Only our self-cleaning technology allows the use of  when processing adhesive and pasty bulk materials.

To achieve the above-named properties, the specially designed shafts are operated with equidirectional rotation, a speed ratio of 2:1 (shaft 1 to shaft 2) and relatively small spacings.

What is a Screw Heat Exchanger?

A screw heat exchanger is a type of heat exchanger that uses a hollow screw to transfer heat between two fluids. This technology is based on the proven and tested hollow flight principle, which combines several advantages, including exceptional power density and higher transfer performance. Compared to traditional heat exchangers, screw heat exchangers offer higher efficiency, requiring a smaller machine for a specific output, and enabling applications within higher output ranges.

Applications of Screw Heat Exchangers:

Our screw heat exchangers find applications across various industries, including food processing, chemical, pharmaceutical, plastics, rubber, metalworking, recycling, and energy. They are used to cool hot food products after they come out of ovens or cooking processes, cool chemical products and materials during production processes, cool pharmaceutical products to ensure stability, cool plastic pellets and rubber compounds during extrusion or molding processes, cool metal chips and powders generated during machining or grinding operations, cool recycled materials to prevent melting or combustion during processing, and cool biomass, coal, or other fuel materials before combustion in power plants.

Why Choose TiERMAX?

At our company, we are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality screw heat exchangers to enhance their production processes. Our team of experts has extensive experience in designing and manufacturing screw heat exchangers to meet the specific needs of different industries. We use only the best materials and manufacturing processes to ensure our products are durable, reliable, and efficient. We also offer excellent customer service, providing support and guidance to our clients throughout the process.