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High efficiency rectangular sieve

High efficiency rectangular sieve

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High efficiency rectangular sieve

High efficiency rectangular sieve | TIERMAX

High efficiency rectangular sieve

The High efficiency rectangular sieve provides high volume separation (25 mm down to 20 μm) for difficult materials that are slurry based, wet, dry, sticky, abrasive or agglomerative. The High efficiency rectangular sieves can be manufactured in either carbon or stainless steel, provided with covers, flexible connections, stands, varying spigots and different coatings.

There are three types of rectangular sieves:
• TRS (single deck) with one vibrating motor for screening powders: Perfect for screening difficult materials for powder applications requiring screening/separation at large volumes. Its uses cover heavy dry or liquid based industrial applications for chemicals, mining, petroleum, aggregates, fertilizers, recycled/crushed/burnt waste and lighter or more delicate materials such as metal powders.
• TRD (double deck) with one vibrating motor for screening powders: This screener is used for grading powders for the same industries as the RS (see above) at high efficiency and throughput.

• TRS (single deck) with two vibrating motors for screening liquids: This product line has been designed for screening liquids/slurries and dewatering materials (down to 20 μm) in a high dilution state.

Design characteristics of high efficiency rectangular sieve

Single and double deck rectangular machines

Ranging in size from 1,500 x 600 mm to 3,500 x 1,400 mm

Multi-frequency vibration

Up to 500G of acceleration passed to mesh eliminating pegging and blinding

Carbon-steel structure, also available in stainless steel on request

Fitted with one or two vibrating motors, depending on size and application

Benefits of high efficiency rectangular sieve

Unprecedented results in coarse, fine and ultra- fine screening Eliminates mesh pegging and blinding

Cut size precision

High capacity

User friendly

Creates valuable products from waste

Reduction of energy consumption

High efficiency rectangular sieve

Technical Specification

Techncal characteristics TRS 1506 TRS 2010 TRS 2310 TRS 2814 TRD 2814 TRD 3514
Motor name plate data (kW) Sieving decks mesh surface (m2)
1.1 1 0.9
1.3 + 1.3 1 2
3.4 1 2.2
4.1 1 3.6
4.1 2 2x3.4
4.3 1 5

Uses of high efficiency rectangular sieve

High volume particle separation of coarse, fine and ultrafine (25 mm – 20 μm) materials that are difficult to screen due to them being in a liquid/slurry, humid, sticky, abrasive or agglomerative.
High efficiency rectangular sieve has a proven track record in screening all forms of powders and liquids including mining and petroleum applications, metal powders, glass, plastics, recycled/crushed/burnt waste, aggregates, agricultural and many other applications.
Single and double deck rectangular machines can be used for classification, scalping, safety screening, de-dusting, solid/liquid separation, de-sliming and dewatering and are particularly well known for classification and scalping of all quarry and mining products.


High efficiency sieve

The High efficiency sieves product range utilizes Multi-Frequency Vibration sieving technology, which is patented. High efficiency sieve consistently outperforms other screening equipment in its ability to significantly increase capacity and particle separation efficiency (over 99% purity in particle size) for problematic materials that are wet or dry, ultra-fine (down to 5 μm), sticky, abrasive, agglomerative or prone to pegging.

High efficiency sieve achieves unprecedented results on difficult materials without the need for mesh cleaning systems due to its MFV technology. This technology is based on accelerating the working mesh up to 500G – a 10000% increase on the mesh acceleration achieved with standard sieving equipment. High efficiency sieves are available in rectangular and circular configuration.