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Tumbler Screening Machine

Tumbler Screening Machine

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Tumbler Screening Machine

Tumbler Screening Machine | TIERMAX

Tumbler Screening Machine

Tumbler Screening Machine is suitable for high capacity and high separation / classification efficiency for 100 micron particle size in dry processes. The movement created by a mechanical system at its base literally tumbles the material and sieves it.

Tumbler screening machines are suggested for dry powders only, typically for screening processes where it is necessary to control the product retention time on the mesh in order to reach the maximum possible separation efficiency. With its possibility to increase the number of decks up to 4, our tumbler screening machine is often used for classification processes.

TMAX-TU classifying tumblers range

1 motor/pulley/belt transmission

1 to 4 deck with cut point from 0,1 to 10 mm

Set of mesh cleaning balls (if required)

Side oversize and undersize outlets

Wide range of sizes: 900 to 2400

Cover with inlet, inspection port and venting

Studied for throughput rates starting from 500 Kg/h up to 40 t/h

Best solution for dry, fragile products & need for a high retention time

Tumbler screening machine

This machine utilizes a unique tumbling motion to effectively screen and classify particles based on size and shape.
The tumbler screening machine consists of a cylindrical drum that rotates on a horizontal axis. Inside the drum, multiple layers of screens with varying mesh sizes are strategically placed. As the drum rotates, the material is gently tumbled, allowing the particles to pass through the screens according to their size.

One of the key advantages of the tumbler screening machine is its ability to handle a wide range of materials, including powders, granules, and even difficult-to-screen materials. It can efficiently separate particles of different sizes, ensuring accurate classification and improving product quality.
This machine offers high screening efficiency due to its unique tumbling action. The gentle tumbling motion prevents the material from blinding or sticking to the screens, ensuring continuous and effective screening. The tumbling action also helps to reduce noise levels and minimize the risk of particle degradation.