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Big Bag Filling System

Big Bag Filling System

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Big Bag Filling System

Big Bag Filling System | TIERMAX

Big Bag Filling System

Big bag is commonly known as FIBC and are one of the most preferred mode for transporting bulk materials.
Powders and bulk materials may be loaded and stored with ease using our various configurations of big bag filling system, which are available in numerous different sizes. Whatever the requirements of your business, from manual to automated loading and storage requirements, we can provide the appropriate big bag filling system for any application we encounter.

TiERMAX offers the best solutions for the big bag filling system based on your application, desired filling capacities and your required degree of automation.

We offer big bag filling stations with all your required options: gross weighing or net weighing, width adjustment, inflatable seal, tension cylinder, automatic hooks, rotating head, big bag pre-forming, vibrating table, roller conveyor, pallet unstacker, automatic closing device with clip system, access platform and mobile big bag filling system.

Features of our Big Bag Filling System

Volumetric and gravimetric filling

Gravity feeder with hopper

Vibrating table for densification

Containment inflatable seal

Big bag rotating head

Automatic release

Motorized roller conveyors for empty pallet input and full pallet output

Height adjustable structure

Automatic pneumatic pallet feeder

Dust explosion design (ATEX)

Mobile Big Bag Filling Station

Big bag filling system for 1 or 4 handles

Advantage of our Big Bag Filling System

Operator friendly and safe working

Effective product compacting during the filling process

Meet diverse needs of the all industries

Conveyor and buffer storage to achieve high rates

Automatic dosing and weighing

Automatic loading and unloading of big bags

Automatic removal of big bag loops

Net weighing / Gross weighing

Dustproof docking system

Net weighing dosing hopper

Compliant with current CE regulations

Available from semi-automatic to fully automatic system

Technical Specifications of Big Bag Filling System

Flow rate :

up to 60 big bags/hr

Weight Capacity :

500 kg to 2,500 kg / big bag

Manufacturing materials :

mild steel, SS 304L, SS 316L

Weighing precision :

± 500 grams

Maximum dimensions of big bags :

1,200 x 1,200 x 2,400 mm

More About Big bag filling system

The different bulk material characteristics require often specially adapted solutions to guarantee a clean and calibration-conforming filling.

Big bag filling systems are designed based on the safe and low-dust filling of big bags and ergonomic principles which will be accepted by the operator.

Our big bag filling system with intelligent detailed solutions and proven designs, represent systems engineering that is welcome in all industries.

Our automatic big bag filling system, is designed with all necessary options for conditioning with minimal human intervention. This model is a complete solution which includes automatic dosing and feeding, big bag packaging and conveying system. This model designed based on big bag automatic net weighing and for continuous operation with very high flow rate.

Fully Automatic Big Bag Filling System

of 4-loop Big Bags. The Big Bag loops are caught by a special gripper system and are handed over into the filling station by means of a robot control system. Moreover, both the dust-tight filling connection as well as the sealing of the Big Bag filling spout is automated. Operator intervention is no longer required for a purely filling process.

Complete filling and packaging lines can be offered for Big Bags. The plants are individually configured and planned based on customer desire according to product requirements and local circumstances. Besides the complete system, control and programming, all assemblies and start-up processes and operator training are conducted worldwide by our specialist personnel.

Overview of Fully Automatic Big Bag Filling System steps

1- Catching the Big Bag carrying loops

2- Robot handover into the filling station

3- Take over of the carrying loops

4- Immersion of filling head and docking spout

5- Extraction of the filling spout

6- Automatic filling spout closure