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Vibratory Tray Loss-in-weight Feeder

Vibratory Tray Loss-in-weight Feeder

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Vibratory Tray Loss-in-weight Feeder

Vibratory Tray Loss-in-weight Feeder | TIERMAX

Vibratory Tray Loss-in-weight Feeder

If your product is fragile, free flowing and difficult-to-discharge, such as fine cohesive powders or fragile interlocking particles of irregular shapes, TiERMAX can offer vibratory loss-in-weight feeders give you a highly accurate feeding system and also one that will handle your product gently, minimizing the degradation that would be caused if a screw mechanism was used.

The vibrating tray feed device provides reliable ingredient flow without particle deterioration even for easily damageable ingredients since there are no rotating parts. Many food products such as cereals, crisps, flakes and other friable materials can be accurately fed using a vibrating tray loss-in-weight-feeder.

For very high throughputs a weigh belt feeder may be another option as this also works well with fragile materials and where you want to minimize the mechanical action that may impact your feed material.

Features of Vibratory Tray Loss-in-weight Feeder:

The feeding control system uses electromagnetic vibration to transport material horizontally forward.

Materials are transported stable and spread evenly, avoiding the uncertainty of screw feeder.

Easy to clean and install.

No damage to materials.

It can adapt to transport with poor flowing material, and flocculent material with large compression ratio.

A special spring leaf and counterweight balance blocks are installed between the vibrating body and the mounting plate, making the weight distribution work highly efficient.

Unique design can effectively absorb the reaction force, so as to achieve the stable and rapid convey.

Vibratory Tray Loss-in-weight Feeder

Technical Specification

Type Feed rate (kg/h) Motor Material of contacted parts Seal material Symmetric hopper (L)
0.2KW, AC 380V, 3Ph, IP55
304 Stainless Steel
Silicon rubber/Nitrille-butadiene rubber/PTFE