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Spiral Jet Mill

Spiral Jet Mill

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Spiral Jet Mill

Spiral Jet Mill | TIERMAX

Spiral Jet Mill

Among the different milling systems known at present, the spiral jet mill is, without doubt, the most suitable for the micronizing of chemical and pharmaceutical products.
Thanks to its very well established and particular working principle it is able to meet numerous demands of fineness until to obtain, without the help of moving and classifying parts, micronized particles typically 100% below 5 micron. This is a result that cannot be achieved by more conventional mills having different conception. Besides the mill grants the total absence of metallic part pollution.

TiERMAX offers the spiral jet mill which is ideal for the formulation and development of Agrochemicals, Fungicides, Insecticides, Fertilizers, Pigments, Polymers, Plastics, Metals, Cosmetics, Chemicals, Foodstuffs, Drugs, etc.

Heat-sensitive products, Abrasives and Explosives can be micronized without causing damage to product or spiral jet mill and in absolute safety conditions.

Besides, the specially designed “Sanitary Version” of the spiral jet mill is particularly suitable and widely used for the high-purity and contamination free grinding of materials having pharmaceutical use.

Our Spiral Jet Mill main advantages:

Allow for easy cleaning and validation avoiding cross-contaminate products in multipurpose applications

Avoid any heating effect

Not create any friction and abrasion that could generate heating effects

Have a low metal contamination

Have no mechanical parts that need lubrication or that create friction-heating or electrostatic effects

Strong reduction of crusts forming due to heating, electrostatic charges and turbulences

Minimize the product losses and be able to obtain a tight granulometric curve (Gauss) of micronized product

Spiral Jet Mill application sectors:




Spiral Jet Mill specifications:

Granulometry max supplied:

< 1 mm

Final granulometry achievable:

100% < 5 micron

Productive capacity:

from 10 kg/h to 1000 kg/h

Spiral Jet mill technology in the cosmetic industry

The micronizer (Spiral Jet mill) confers to powders used in cosmetic preparations (usually it is talc, mica and other minerals combined with silicones, perfumes and pigments) a soft and silky touch, giving it the texture that would not be otherwise obtainable, even with very fine dust.


Spiral Jet mill technology in the pharmaceutical industry

In the pharmaceutical industry, the micronization is normally used to increase the bioavailability of a poorly soluble drug, where for bioavailability of a drug means the fraction of the administered dose that reaches the systemic circulation of a living organism and the speed with which this process occurs.

Higher reaction rates, greater absorption, better suspension smoother textures, faster dehydration and the
development of new types of products and application are the direct result of fine spiral jet milling.


Complete micronization line

TiERMAX offers Complete micronization lines which have been optimized in the operating principle, construction techniques and product features. Main components of a spiral jet mill equipment could be summarized as follows:

– Dosing unit (Screw Feeder)

– Venturi Injector

– Fluid energy jet mill

– Cyclone filter

– Product discharging devices

All spiral jet mills are normally made of stainless steel 316L and internally finished at 0.4μm Ra mirror polishing, in order to minimize the ‘stickiness’ and to facilitate the cleaning validation of the parts in contact, higher finishing level available upon request.