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Metal separator for bulk materials

Metal separator for bulk materials

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Metal separator for bulk materials

Metal separator for bulk materials | TIERMAX

Metal separator for bulk materials

TiERMAX has solution for metal detectors, separators and complete systems for all processes. We offer you gladly an individualized system solution adapted to your product, for your processing equipment and ready for data transfer to your quality management program.

Our metal separators examine bulk materials such as granulates and powders in free fall. The ideal reject technology with digital 2 channel metal signal evaluation assures optimum safety, from receiving to shipping. The time required to eject contaminated product is minimized. This reduces loss of material and associated costs. Compact dimensions and standardized connections allow trouble free integration into your existing system.

Advantages of Metal separator for bulk materials

Detects all metals encapsulated or as loose parts

Extremely precise metal detection

Reliable in Process and Detection

Fast in Reaction and Cleaning

Conforming in Design and Data management

Immune against outside interference

Easy to clean – fulfils the highest hygienic demands

Compact, easily integrated

Features of Metal separator for bulk materials

Full monitoring of electronic and mechanic


Resistant against most cleaning procedures

Fast ejector for minimized material loss

Dismantle without tools

Network connectivity and data management

Password protected user management

Hygienic Design without dead spots

Metal separator for bulk materials

We can offer special series for pneumatic pressure and vacuum conveying systems with full throughput during reject events with the “Bypass” solution and minimal loss of good material with “Positive Speed Control”. The integrated technology senses the conveying speed of the contaminant and calculates the exact reaction and dwell time of the reject flap.

Using metal detectors and metal separators in INCOMING GOODS AREA
In incoming goods areas, metal detectors and metal separators are used for the monitoring of the emptying of trucks and big bags in free-fall or in pneumatic conveying. In combination with conveyor
belts they can also be used for the examination of granulates, powders or master batches in 25 kg bags. Contaminants can thus be traced back directly to the supplier.


Using metal detectors and metal separators in PRODUCTION AND PROCESS

Protection of the production process is the core task of metal detectors in the plastics, food, feed and other processing industry. The goal here is to optimize uptime and to manufacture end products and semi-finished products of a constant quality. In general, only separators are used here.
They remove metals with a minimum loss of good material, without interrupting the production process.


Using metal detectors and metal separators for FINAL PRODUCT INSPECTION
In the outgoing goods area the first important task is quality control. On the other hand a check is performed to ascertain whether damage, such as abrasion or breakage, has been caused to the tools of the shaping machine. In Plastic industry in particular with fine cavities in the injection molding area, expensive scrap and loss of time can be avoided in this way


Using metal detectors and metal separators for MATERIAL REPROCESSING
For optimum value creation it makes most sense to return your own production waste directly to the material stream if possible. This can take place directly on the machine or in central treatment areas.