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Fish Food

Fish food is a vital component in aquaculture, providing essential nutrients for fish growth and health. The production process involves careful formulation, blending, and processing of ingredients to create nutritionally balanced and species-specific feed. Quality raw materials, such as fishmeal, soybean meal, vitamins, and minerals, are carefully selected and mixed to meet the dietary requirements of different fish species. The ingredients undergo grinding, mixing, and extrusion to create pellets or flakes that are easily digestible and promote optimal growth. The production process ensures uniformity, quality, and hygiene through rigorous quality control measures. It also emphasizes sustainability by incorporating sustainable sourcing practices and minimizing environmental impact.

Fish Food Production Line

Animal Feed and Pet Food Packaging

Conveying Systems for Animal Feed and Pet Food production

Vacuum Mixer / Coater for Pet Food and Fish food

Hammer Mill for Pet Food and Fish Food production

Dosing System for Animal Feed and Pet Food

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