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Rotary Steam Tube Dryer

Rotary Steam Tube Dryer

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Rotary Steam Tube Dryer

Rotary Steam Tube Dryer | TIERMAX

Rotary Steam Tube Dryer

The Rotary Steam Tube Dryer is an indirect heat exchange drying equipment. The difference from the conventional rotary drum dryer is that a steam heating tube is installed in the drum. There are special sealing structures at both ends of the inlet and outlet. The heating tubes run through the entire drying body and are arranged in a number of concentric circles (usually 1 to 6 circles). The heat required for drying is mainly provided by the heating tubes.

The Rotary Steam Tube Dryer structure consists of cylinder (including shell, steam pipe, steam distributor and hammer), inlet and outlet spiral, inlet and outlet end seal, steam distribution system, transmission system (including reducer, motor, gear, supporting wheel and roller ring) and lubrication system.

Technical advantages of Rotary Steam Tube Dryer

Complete equipment scale

Multiple industrial applications

Low comprehensive operating costs and large market share

Products that are superior to international counterparts in terms of technical safety and energy saving

Scope of application of Rotary Steam Tube Dryer

Coal, sludge, crude terephthalic acid (CTA)

Polycarbonate (PC), purified terephthalic acid (PTA)

Isophthalic acid (PIA), high-density polyethylene (HDPE)

Polyphenylene ether (PPE/PPO), copper concentrate

Lead concentrate, sulfur concentrate, etc

Rotary Steam Tube Dryer

The Rotary Steam Tube Dryer is a highly efficient and versatile drying solution used in various industries. It utilizes steam as the heat source to dry materials, making it suitable for applications where precise temperature control and gentle drying are required. Let’s delve into its features and applications:


Efficient Drying: The Rotary Steam Tube Dryer ensures efficient drying by utilizing a rotating shell with steam-filled tubes. The material being dried is fed into the dryer, and as the shell rotates, the steam-filled tubes transfer heat to the material, evaporating moisture. This indirect drying method ensures even and gentle drying, preserving the integrity and quality of the material.

Wide Range of Applications: The Rotary Steam Tube Dryer finds applications across various industries. It is commonly used for drying heat-sensitive materials, such as pharmaceuticals, food products, and chemicals, where precise temperature control is crucial. Additionally, it is highly suitable for drying materials with high moisture content or those that require gentle handling during the drying process.

Versatility: The Rotary Steam Tube Dryer offers versatility in drying different types of materials. Whether it’s granular, powdered, or paste-like materials, the dryer can effectively handle a wide range of product characteristics. It is also adaptable to handle different throughput capacities, making it suitable for both small-scale and large-scale production needs.

Precise Temperature Control: The steam-filled tubes in the Rotary Steam Tube Dryer allow for precise temperature control during the drying process. This ensures that the materials are dried at the optimum temperature, preventing overheating or damage to the product. The ability to control temperature accurately is especially critical for applications with heat-sensitive materials.

Continuous Operation: The Rotary Steam Tube Dryer is designed for continuous operation, allowing for uninterrupted drying processes. With a continuous feed and discharge system, it ensures a constant flow of material through the dryer, optimizing productivity and reducing downtime.

Easy Maintenance: The design of the Rotary Steam Tube Dryer facilitates easy maintenance. The steam tubes can be easily accessed for cleaning and inspection, ensuring efficient operation and minimizing downtime.