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Drum Discharger

Drum Discharger

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Drum Discharger

Drum Discharger | TIERMAX

Drum Discharger

We can design customized drum dischargers (sealed or open-chute dumping) to meet the specific needs of your production line.
The operator may completely or partly empty the contents of the drums into hoppers, reactors, or mixer manholes, depending on the alternatives that are accessible to him.
Our drum dischargers are available in 4 models:
Drum dumper – suction pipe
Drum discharger- bag extraction
Drum discharger- tipping over
Drum discharger- sealed tipping

Advantages of Drum Discharger :

Compatible with drums equipped with bags

Possible applications for toxic products

Adaptable to all types of drums and cans

Maximum containment chamber

Locking system prevent the cycle when the door is open

Applications CMR toxic product

Features of Drum Discharger :

In feed conveyor

Drum capping

Tipping of the drum

Drum manipulator

Optional dust explosion rated design (ATEX)

Technical data of Drum Discharger :


1 drum/ 2 min


up to 250 kg / drum


up to 180°