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Tiermax Compounding System for Masterbatch

A masterbatch is a material composed of pigments or other additives that have been optimally combined in a base polymer. These additives are high concentrations of pigments, mineral fillers, or chemicals that are added to the polymer via a masterbatch compounding system for three distinct reasons: to achieve the desired colour, to improve a variety of physical properties, or to reduce the cost.

Masterbatch is available in standard pellets or mini-pellets.

Masterbatches are classified as additives, fillers, and colours. They are used in polymers such as PP, LDPE & LLDPE, HDPE, PVC, PET, and PS.

After producing masterbatches, end users will find it much easier to handle and process the granulate.

Tiermax bulk material handling and compounding systems are custom-engineered to meet the exact specifications of your masterbatch recipes.

We offer the best turnkey solution for bulk material conveying, dosing, mixing, compounding, pelletizing, and sieving systems based on the technical expertise of our engineers and reliable partners.

We provide bulk material handling equipment for raw materials and finished goods.


Advantage of Using Masterbatch in Production Plastic

  • Optimum dispersion of pigments/additives.
  • Dust free, no health and safety risks in comparison to the undispersed fine powder pigments or additives.
  • Reduction in cleaning / purging costs, Cleaner Production.
  • Easier and Safer storage, handling and use due to its granular shape specially for Hazardous Materials.
  • Due to the lack of proper distribution of some additives, it is not possible to add it directly to the product, which is solved by using Masterbatch.
  • Improving the melting process due to the compatibility of the masterbatch binder with the polymer.





Extruder and Compounding Machine

Tiermax twin screw extruders are specially designed to meet the requirements of your masterbatch recipes.

Relying on the technical knowledge of our engineers, we offer our best turnkey solution for bulk material conveying, dosing, mixing, wetting, dispersion, distribution, stabilization, pelletizing, sieving, and bagging systems.

We offer bulk material handling equipment for raw ingredients and resultant products.


Masterbatch feeding systems

In general, there are two different processes that are used today for masterbatch production:

  • In the two-step (Premix) process, all components are in the first step premixed in batches. In the subsequent continuous extrusion step, a homogeneous concentrate is produced in the melting phase and finally pelletized.
  • In the single-step (Split-feed) process, the components are metered into the compounder as separate feed streams.

With the Tiermax compounding system, you will achieve to the main purpose of masterbatch production, which is the optimal dispersion and distribution of additives in the polymer matrix.


Pneumatic Conveying Systems

Tiermax pneumatic conveying systems (pressure or vacuum, dense or dilute phase) are used to transport both raw materials and finished goods.

Pneumatic conveying is used to move granular and powder ingredients within and between stages (unloading, storage, processing, mixing, blending, and packing).