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Anthropomorphic Palletizing Robot

Anthropomorphic Palletizing Robot

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Anthropomorphic Palletizing Robot

Anthropomorphic Palletizing Robot | TIERMAX

Anthropomorphic Palletizing Robot

Anthropomorphic palletizing robot characterized by its small dimensions and with a 110 kg capacity; defined the fastest palletization robot in the world.

Anthropomorphic palletizing robot can perform over 2190 revs. per hour. This 4 axes robot is perfect for high speed palletization. Anthropomorphic palletizing robot is characterized by its strength, versatility and production speed.

Anthropomorphic palletizing robot is the ideal tool for creating any type of layer. The simplified and user-friendly management software means that even less expert operators can quickly change the work program and even change the palletizing pattern to adapt it to various needs.

Features and advantages of Anthropomorphic Palletizing Robot

Automatically adapts to different formats simply and quickly

Preparation for assembly of different clamping elements: gripper for bags, boxes and bundles

Bags press installed in the clamping element, which increases stability of the pallet

Automatic control of the correct operating cycle

Integrated security and access control system

Fall arrest and anti-collision against gripping system safety device

Touch-screen operator panel

Self-diagnosis system for anomalies and verification via display.

Maximum pallet height 1800 mm

Options for Anthropomorphic Palletizing Robot

Automatic pallet storage

Underlay gripper

Pallet gripper

Bag adjustment devices:

system with square rolls or press belt

Pallet with height exceeding 1800 mm

Management of non-standard pallets

Automatic pallet wrappers

Remote assistance