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Layer Palletizer

Layer Palletizer

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Layer Palletizer

Layer Palletizer | TIERMAX

Layer Palletizer

The Layer Palletizer allows a faster pallet loading – up to 1500 bags/hour – through its central loading station, an upgrade of the traditional high and low level palletizers.

The modular structure of the Layer Palletizer allows several assembly combinations, adapting to diverse working applications – resulting in a big space saving and harmonization of the machine to existing production lines.

Features and advantages of Layer Palletizer

Layer Palletizer automatically adapts to different formats simply and quickly

Lateral and vertical presses of the bag layer

Automatic control of the correct operating cycle

Integrated security and access control system

Fall arrest and anti-collision against gripping system safety device

Touch-screen operator panel

Self-diagnosis system for anomalies and verification via display

Maximum pallet height 2000 mm

Options for Layer Palletizer

Underlay storage

Management of non-standard pallets

Bag adjstment devices: system with squre rolls or press belt

automatic pallet wrappers completing the line

Pallet with height exceeding 2000 mm

Remote siistance

Main parts of Layer Palletizer:

Belt Conveyor

Rolling compactor

Turning device

Motorized rotating turning device, electro-pneumatic controlled side flap movement bag rotation to prepare pallet pattern


Automatic pallet dispenser, equipped with pneumatic lifting system and manually adjustable side arms

Pusher bar

An inverter-controlled pusher bar brings the ready layer to the hoist


The electromechanical layer hoist, deposit system and settling is inverter-controlled and fitted with an absolute encoder to obtain the highest processing precision

Pallet roller conveyor

Motorized rollers for pallet output

Carrying structure

made of heavy metal structural works to ensure long lasting endurance