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Vertical Ribbon Mixer

Vertical Ribbon Mixer

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Vertical Ribbon Mixer

Vertical Ribbon Mixer | TIERMAX

Vertical Ribbon Mixer

The vertical ribbon mixer with single shaft performs quality mixing of dry, moist and viscous materials. The vertical ribbon mixer is ideal for the food, animal feed, chemical, pharmaceutical,  building materials and plastics industries. The vertical ribbon mixer provides excellent mixing results, regardless of the materials to be mixed, through the helical movement of the central blade.

Our vertical ribbon mixers can be adapted to individual building conditions in any size. The design of the inlets and outlets as well as the arrangement of the inspection door can also be freely selected.

The vertical ribbon mixer is versatile and can handle a wide range of materials. It is often equipped with additional features such as jacketed chambers for temperature control, liquid injection systems for ingredient addition, and discharge valves for easy product extraction.

Application areas of vertical ribbon mixer series

The most demanding mixing tasks for products of the most varied density, granulation and consistency in large production areas.

Demanding mixing tasks of products of different density, grain size and consistency in highly sensitive production areas.

Demanding mixing tasks of products of different density, grain size and consistency with procedural specifics like heating, cooling, evacuation, releasing, emulsification, reacting under pressure, reacting under vacuum, etc.

Demanding mixing tasks of fluid, low to high viscosity liquids and hard products with procedural specifics like heating, cooling, evacuation, releasing, emulsification, etc.

Advantages of our vertical ribbon mixers

Wide doors for maximum accessibility

Cleaning in place (CIP)

Polished welded parts for a hygienic finish

Optional side shear blades

Multiple material entries possible

Can be mounted on load cells for dosing operations

Vertical Ribbon Mixer

The vertical ribbon mixer consists of a tall, cylindrical mixing chamber with a vertical ribbon agitator. The agitator features multiple helical ribbons that run the entire height of the chamber. These ribbons rotate in opposite directions, creating a gentle yet thorough mixing action.

When the materials are loaded into the vertical ribbon mixer, the rotating ribbons lift and tumble the ingredients, promoting efficient blending. The vertical orientation of the mixer allows for a longer mixing path, ensuring excellent mixing performance and homogeneous results.

The vertical ribbon mixer offers several advantages. Firstly, it provides efficient mixing even for materials with varying particle sizes, densities, or flow characteristics. The vertical design allows for a longer residence time, ensuring that all particles are thoroughly mixed.

The gentle mixing action of the vertical ribbon mixer minimizes product degradation or damage, making it suitable for fragile or heat-sensitive materials. The vertical configuration also minimizes the risk of segregation or stratification during the mixing process.


Further technical characteristics of our vertical ribbon mixer:

– From 100 – 25,000 liters working capacity, in corresponding high-quality stainless or special steels.

– Ready for connection with complete electrical equipment, with its own control system or can be integrated into a PLC system.

– Highest mixing accuracy, min. 1:100,000 and higher, with variable filling quantities from 10% content of the capacity.

– Dry/moist solids, for the production of liquid mixtures or homogeneous pastes, granular/powdery substances, fluidizing/hydrogenic substances, with high or low density at shortest mixing times (60 – 180 seconds).

– The vertical ribbon mixer meets all industry standards for surface finish, including sanitary and pharmaceutical requirements.

– Comfortable and precise handling.

– With fully insulated heating or cooling systems or electrically heatable jacket.


TiERMAX offers vertical ribbon mixers which are versatile and efficient mixing equipment used in various industries for blending dry powders and granules. Their dual-directional ribbon design, gentle mixing action, and fast mixing times make them ideal for achieving uniform blends with minimal product degradation. These mixers offer easy loading and discharge, customizable options, and convenient maintenance, making them a valuable asset for manufacturing processes.