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Universal open mouth bagging machine

Universal open mouth bagging machine

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Universal open mouth bagging machine

Universal open mouth bagging machine | TIERMAX

Universal open mouth bagging machine

The universal open mouth bagging machine is the best solution for filling and closing open mouth bags. The modular structure and movement of the packages in “step-by-step” mode, allows processing of any type of bag and product, with the possibility of coupling it to any closing system and any additional device.

The high speed packaging speed is ensured by the “pendulum” movement of the bag holding and handling devices during the filling and evacuation phases.

The successive traversing of the packages through the various phases of treatment, up to definitive closure, is entrusted to brushless motors controlled by relevant drives.

Features and Benefits of universal open mouth bagging machine

The modular structure allows many assembly combinations with space saving

Adaptability to different formats, simply and quickly

Chain conveyor unit for firmer holding during transport to the closing station

Bag opening and presentation in a unique solution for increased processing efficiency

Compatible with various types of net weight weighing machines with gravity or belt dosing machines, for the different types of product processed

Automatic control of the correct operating cycle

The parts in contact with the product are in stainless steel

Security and access control integrated system

Different Options for universal open mouth bagging machine

Marking and labelling systems

Framework in 304 0r 316 stainless steel

Part in contact with aggressive materials in

AISI 304 or 316 stainless steel

Bag fold-over and sewing device

Pinch-top bag closure

Device for application of crepe tape and

trimming knives

Sealing systems with impulse or “hot bar”


Air extraction device

Additional elliptical bag spout

Universal open mouth bagging machine

A universal open mouth bagging machine is a specialized packaging equipment designed to efficiently and accurately fill open-mouth bags with various types of bulk materials. It is commonly used in industries such as agriculture, chemicals, minerals, and construction materials for packaging products like grains, seeds, fertilizers, powders, and granules.

The universal open mouth bagging machine consists of several key components that work together to complete the bagging process:


Bag Placer: The machine starts by automatically picking and opening an empty bag from a stack. The bag placer ensures precise bag positioning and ensures that the bag is held open for filling.

Filling System: Once the bag is properly positioned, the machine fills it with the desired bulk material. The filling system can vary depending on the product characteristics and flow properties. It may include gravity-fed systems, auger fillers, vibratory feeders, or pneumatic conveying systems. The filling process ensures accurate and controlled product quantities in each bag.

Bag Top Closure: After the bag is filled, the machine seals the top of the bag to secure the contents. The closure method can vary, including sewing, heat sealing, pinch top sealing, or folding and taping.