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Vacuum Mixer / Dryer

Vacuum Mixer / Dryer

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Vacuum Mixer / Dryer

Vacuum Mixer / Dryer | TIERMAX

Vacuum Mixer / Dryer

The chemical, pharmaceutical, and food industries rely heavily on multi-step processes to transform raw materials into finished products through chemical and/or physical reactions between solid-liquid, liquid-liquid, solid-gas, or liquid-gas.

Mixing, Reacting, Drying, Vacuum Drying and cooling can be achieved in the fluidized bed mixing action within a specialized vacuum/pressure vessel. vacuum Mixer / Dryer is used to process materials in the granular or powder state, the paste or pseudo-plastic state, and the transition region between these states.
A proven “fluidized bed” mixing principle is used in this machine, whereby the materials being reacted are maintained in a mechanically fluidized suspended state, allowing the reacting mediums, whether gas-solid or liquid-solid, to come into intimate contact with one another and with heat transfer surfaces, as well as with each other and with the heat transfer surfaces.

Advantages of Vacuum Mixer / Dryer :

Faster drying at lower temperature

Prevent degradation of temperature sensitive products

Prevent oxidation

Improved reaction rate

Reduce level of solvent

Applications of Vacuum Mixer / Dryer :

Heating, with steam, hot water, or oil

Cooling, with tap water or chilled water

Mixing & dispersion

Reaction, either under pressure or vacuum

Deagglomeration and particle sizing

Drying (the recovery of expensive solvents)



Technical Specifications of Vacuum Mixer / Dryer :

Volume Liter

5 – 30,000 L

Fill Factor

0.30 – 0.70

# Choppers

0 – 8