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Vacuum Mixer / Dryer

Vacuum Mixer / Dryer

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Vacuum Mixer / Dryer

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Vacuum Mixer / Dryer

The chemical, pharmaceutical, and food industries rely heavily on multi-step processes to transform raw materials into finished products through chemical and/or physical reactions between solid-liquid, liquid-liquid, solid-gas, or liquid-gas.

Mixing, Reacting, Drying, Vacuum Drying and cooling can be achieved in the fluidized bed mixing action within a specialized vacuum/pressure vessel. Vacuum Mixer / Dryer is used to process materials in the granular or powder state, the paste or pseudo-plastic state, and the transition region between these states.
A proven “fluidized bed” mixing principle is used in this machine, whereby the materials being reacted are maintained in a mechanically fluidized suspended state, allowing the reacting mediums, whether gas-solid or liquid-solid, to come into intimate contact with one another and with heat transfer surfaces, as well as with each other and with the heat transfer surfaces.

Advantages of Vacuum Mixer / Dryer :

Faster drying at lower temperature

Prevent degradation of temperature sensitive products

Prevent oxidation

Improved reaction rate

Reduce level of solvent

Applications of Vacuum Mixer / Dryer :

Heating, with steam, hot water, or oil

Cooling, with tap water or chilled water

Mixing & dispersion

Reaction, either under pressure or vacuum

Deagglomeration and particle sizing

Drying (the recovery of expensive solvents)



Technical Specifications of Vacuum Mixer / Dryer :

Volume Liter

5 – 30,000 L

Fill Factor

0.30 – 0.70

# Choppers

0 – 8

Vacuum mixer / dryer

The vacuum mixer / dryer is a versatile and efficient processing equipment used in industries such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and food. This advanced system combines the functions of mixing and drying under vacuum conditions, allowing for precise control over the processing parameters and enhancing product quality.

The vacuum mixer / dryer operates by creating a vacuum environment within a sealed chamber. The materials to be processed, such as powders, granules, or pastes, are loaded into the chamber along with the mixing blades or agitators. The vacuum is then applied, lowering the atmospheric pressure and reducing the boiling point of any moisture present in the materials.

The mixing blades or agitators within the vacuum mixer / dryer rotate, ensuring thorough blending of the materials. Simultaneously, heat is applied to the chamber to facilitate drying. The reduced pressure promotes the evaporation of moisture, allowing for gentle and efficient drying without exposing the materials to high temperatures, which can degrade heat-sensitive products.

The vacuum environment also helps in removing moisture more effectively, as the low pressure gradient facilitates the movement of moisture from the material to the vapor phase. This results in faster and more efficient drying, reducing processing time and maintaining the integrity of the product.

The vacuum mixer / dryer offers several advantages. Firstly, it allows for precise control over the process parameters, such as temperature, pressure, and mixing speed. This control enables customization of the process to suit specific product requirements, ensuring consistent and high-quality results.
Additionally, the vacuum environment minimizes the risk of oxidation or contamination, making it suitable for sensitive or reactive materials. The reduced pressure also aids in preserving the color, flavor, and nutritional value of food products.

The vacuum mixer / dryer is widely used in various applications, including the production of pharmaceutical granules, drying of heat-sensitive chemicals, and processing of specialty food products. It offers efficient and uniform mixing, rapid drying, and enhanced product quality.