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Solid Flow Meter

Solid Flow Meter

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Solid Flow Meter

Solid Flow Meter | TIERMAX

Solid Flow Meter

The Solid flow meter has been developed for the precise, maintenance-free measurement of quantities of free-flowing bulk goods. The physical principle for recording the weight is based on Newton’s Second Law of mechanics.

The solid flow meter has no moving parts. Thus the flow meters are nearly maintenance free. The solid flow meter are very accurate flow meters over a wide product range. Our solid flow meter system is measuring the mass flow by centripetal force. It is not an impact scale. That is important, when measuring bulk materials because the bulk density is changing in most applications. Changes in bulk density and grain size have a big influence on accuracy of impact scales. The solid flow meter system is affected very little by changes in bulk materials compared to an impact scale. The solid flow meter are available in different sizes according to the maximum flow rate.

TiERMAX helps you to select the right solid flow meter for your application.

Advantages of our solid flow meter:

Maintenance-free, continuous flow-metering

Constant quantities and master-slave regulation

Batch dosing / loading of silo vehicles

Safe, maintenance-free process monitoring in real time

Technical data solid flow meter:

Grain size range:

0 – 30 mm

Product density:

40 – 3500 kg/m³

Sensor accuracy class:

C3 – 3,000 parts

Sensor power supply:

5 – 15 VDC (via electronics)

Sensor protection class:


System accuracy:

+/- 0.5%


+/- 0.1%

Solid Flow Meter

Technical Specification

Model Measuring range Height Depth Width Inlet Weight
SFM 05 SFM 09 SFM 10 SFM 25 SFM 50 SFM 80 TMAX 150 TMAX 300
1000 l/h 5000 l/h 10 m3/h 25 m3/h 50 m3/h 80 m3/h 150 m3/h 300 m3/h
400 mm 400 mm 700 mm 700 mm 700 mm 700 mm 1050 mm 1050 mm
348 mm 348 mm 525 mm 525 mm 525 mm 525 mm 744 mm 744 mm
250 mm 350 mm 310 mm 470 mm 760 mm 1120 mm 1030 mm 1390 mm
60x 60 mm 60x155 mm 120x120 mm 120x280 mm 120x570 mm 120x930 mm 756x180 mm 1116x180 mm
19.5 kg 26.5 kg 53 kg 74 kg 113 kg 130 kg 230 kg 300 kg

Solid flow meter

The actual throughput (kg/h or t/h) and the accumulated absolute quantity (kg or t) can be read from the graphic display. The typical system error is +/- 0.5 % (optimum value 0.3 %) from the measurement area. The measuring range of the different solid flow meter sizes starts at 30 kg/h and ends at 300 t/h.

The Solid flow meter system thus offers an extremely accurate, maintenance-free throughput monitoring for all free-flowing solids (product density: 0.02 – 3.5 kg/l). Strongly fluctuating or pulsating transport speeds have minimum effect on the accuracy of measurement. For products which tend to leave deposits, an automatic, electronically powered dust removal system, which uses air jets to remove dust from the measurement slide, is integrated into the device.