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Vertical High Speed Mixer

Vertical High Speed Mixer

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Vertical High Speed Mixer

Vertical High Speed Mixer | TIERMAX

Vertical High Speed Mixer

The main blades at the bottom of the mixing bowl provide high-speed shearing force, allowing ingredients to be mixed quickly (at speeds of up to 1800 rpm) or heated quickly (materials may be heated from room temperature to 110°C (230°F) in 4 to 8 minutes).
The bowl cover is constructed of 304 stainless steel and has rubber seals that are resistant to high temperatures and corrosion. The unique design will avoid material volatilization, deterioration and loss in the mixing process. High intensity mixing is accomplished with two (2) impellers. Each impeller is an independent piece of equipment, however they are both installed on the same vertical driving shaft. The lower and upper impellers are placed at a 90-degree angle to one another and are held tightly in this position by a key and clamp nut. The power input into the mixer may be tailored to the material being processed, and the use of different blade configurations is essential for achieving homogeneous dispersion. It is available in sizes ranging from 10 to 2600 litres.

Advantages of Vertical High Speed Mixer :

Shortest mixing time

Variable tools configuration

Low Maintenance

Optimum homogenization

Short heating time

Parts in contact with products made of stainless steel

Greater reliability

Applications of Vertical High Speed Mixer :

PVC Powder


Wood Composites

Color Concentrates

Toner Powder

Vertical High Speed Mixer Data :

Volume Liter

10 – 2,600 L

Fill Factor

0.20 – 0.85


5 - 800 HP

Vertical High Speed Mixer

Technical Specification

Model LM-10 LM-300 LM-600 LM-1000 LM-1200 LM-1500 LM-2000 LM-2500
Total Capacity (L) Working capacity (Kg) Horse power
9.9 4.3 3
311 130 100
651 260 200
1,076 435 350
1,274 525 400
1,614 655 450
2,237 870 600
2,605 1,090 750

Vertical High Speed Mixer

The combination of high-speed mixing and rapid heating makes the Vertical High Speed Mixer a valuable asset in various industries.

The high rotational speed of the mixer enables ingredients to be blended quickly and efficiently, significantly reducing the time required for mixing operations. This time-saving feature enhances production efficiency and allows for higher throughput.


The rapid heating capability of the Vertical High Speed Mixer is invaluable in processes that require elevated temperatures. With the ability to heat materials from room temperature to 110°C (230°F) in just a few minutes, it accelerates production cycles and minimizes energy consumption.


The intense mixing action generated by the high-speed mixer blades ensures thorough blending and homogenization of ingredients. This results in a consistent mixture with uniform distribution, minimizing the risk of product inconsistencies and ensuring high-quality end products.