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Masterbatch is plastic pellets with a high shear of pigments and/or additives that are added to the carrier resin or polymer to color it or improve the chemical and physical properties such as higher toughness, adhesion, flexural stiffness, flame-retardant, anti-static, UV-stabilization. It can also be used to change electrical conductivity. Masterbatches are produced in accordance with the required standards in the plastics industry and customer specifications. The masterbatch is very easy to process because it does away with the handling of large amounts of powder; the use of masterbatches allows the factory to keep stock of fewer grades of the polymer and to buy cheaper natural polymer in bulk.

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Premix Masterbatch Process

Premix Masterbatch Process

In the premix masterbatch process all component are mixed in advance. The mixer can be filled with all of the raw materials for the masterbatch at once or in several steps so that some of the materials can be mixed more thoroughly. The blended material will discharge to the hopper and will feed to the twin screw extruder with volumetric feeder.

The quality of final products strongly depends on accurate dosing and homogenous mixing.

Split-feed Masterbatch Process

Split-feed Masterbatch Process

In the split-feed masterbatch method, the flow of raw material is separated. The polymers, additives, colours, and …  are fed into the feed barrel of the extruder in the form of pellets. All components are metered into the twin screw extruder as separate feed streams downstream of the melting zone.

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