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Compounding is a process that involves combining multiple raw materials to create a customized formulation with specific properties. This technique is widely used in industries such as plastics, pharmaceuticals, and personal care products. Through compounding, various ingredients, such as polymers, additives, fillers, and colorants, are carefully mixed to achieve desired characteristics like strength, flexibility, color, and texture. The process utilizes specialized equipment, including compounding machines, mixers, and extruders, to ensure uniform distribution and homogeneity of the ingredients. Compounding allows manufacturers to tailor materials to meet specific industry requirements, improving product performance and functionality. It enables the development of unique formulations with enhanced properties, such as flame resistance, UV stability, or controlled release. Additionally, compounding facilitates the incorporation of additives that provide additional benefits, such as antimicrobial properties or increased durability.

Compound packaging machine

Ingredients mixing for Compounding

Twin screw extruder for Compounding

Discharging, conveying, weighing and feeding system for plastic process

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