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Discharging, conveying, weighing and feeding system for plastic process

Bulk material handling, weighing and dosing plastic and polyester production process

TiERMAX offers integrated conveying, weighing, and dosing system solutions for masterbatch production process. Based on the core technologies of weighing and measuring, we provide systems for discharging, feeding, weighing and dosing, storing, and monitoring.

TiERMAX solution for conveying, weighing, and dosing system satisfy the requirements of Color Masterbatch production, Additive Masterbatch and Filler Masterbatch. We can utilise various weighing and dosing modules, such as continuous loss in weight, volumetric dosing, and batch gain in weight, based on the application and your needs.

Discharging (Unloading) Ingredients

Discharging (Unloading) Ingredients

The process begins with ingredients Discharging (Unloading). Based on the production process the majority of raw materials are PP, HDPE, LLDPE, plastic compound, PVC powder, calcium carbonate, carbon black, TiO2, Talc, and etc.

Bulk materials can arrive to the production facility within different packing format such as big bag ( super sack ), gaylord, sack, or tanker trucks.

We can manage it with:

Automatic Bag Emptying

Sack Discharging (Bag Dumping Station)

Big Bag Discharging

Silo loading 

Pneumatic conveying & deducting system

Pneumatic conveying & deducting system

Raw material (ingredients) conveying is vital for the plastic process and will affect to efficiency and profitability of the production line. Raw material need convey to the storage silo, bin, or directly to the receiver for weighing and metering process, based on the production process requirement (compounding, masterbatch, extrusion, blow molding, or injection) and the production capacity.
Our systems for conveying bulk materials can be customized for vacuum, pressure, or mechanical conveyance as below:

Self-contained vacuum hopper loader

– High-performance vacuum pump

Silo loading

– Venturi loaders

Weighing and feeding system

Weighing and feeding system

In the production of plastics, the weighing and feeding system is crucial to the quality of the finished product. Selecting the right weighing and feeding system depends on a significant number of factors such as particle size, density, flow ability, flow rate, production process (batch or continuous), etc.
Each feeder we provide is tailored to the requirements of the process. Our feeders can feed anywhere from a few grams to thousands of kilograms per hour for primary or secondary plastics.

– Gravimetric batch Blender

– Gravimetric continues Blender

– Volumetric feeder

– Liquid loss-in-weight feeder

– Vibratory Tray Loss-in-weight Feeder

– Batching system

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