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Valve Bag Filling

Valve Bag Filling

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Valve Bag Filling

Valve Bag Filling | TIERMAX

Valve Bag Filling

We offer semi-automatic and fully automatic valve bag filling machine with the capacity of up to 650 bags/hour.
We define the customized solution after visiting your site and according to your precise specifications.
This solution is being developed for the food, chemical, and construction material sectors in large quantities.
Valve bag filling machine is adaptable in terms of bag material, weighing range, and the option of including a variety of de-aeration devices for the contents contained inside the bag.

Features of Valve Bag Filling Machine:

Single / Double spout

Interchangeable filling spout for different bag format

Anti-corrosion version

Dedusting system

Storage hopper

Ultrasonic Sealing option


Advantages of Valve Bag Filling Machine:

Fully sealed drum filling system for dust containment

Easy cleaning

Minimum maintenance

Dust-free working condition

Production flexibility

Adaptable with paper and plastic valve bag

Technical Specifications of Valve Bag Filling Machine:


up to 650 bags/hr


from 4 to 50 kg/sack

Dosing accuracy:

± 0.5-1 %