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Tandem Mixer

Tandem Mixer

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Tandem Mixer

Tandem Mixer | TIERMAX

Tandem Mixer

The tandem mixer is a type of mixer that assembled by two sets of intermeshing type mixers, divided into upper and lower parts; the upper mixer equips with ram assembly while the lower mixer equips with a tank instead of ram assembly.
The upper mixer is used for compound mixing and constant temperature mixing; the lower mixer is designed for constant temperature mixing and with excellent distributing mixing function, outstanding temperature control function, best optimized ventilation, largest cooling area and fast dumping function.
In tandem mixer, the mixing time is distributed over the upper & lower mixers. Our series of products and unique solutions will meet the customized production needs of all customers in the tire and rubber products industry.

Applications of Tandem Mixer :

Mixing or final mixing of PCR or TBR compound

Tier Industry

Rubber Industry

Advantages of Tandem Mixer :

Excellent mixing performance

Avoid the requirements of multi-stage mixing, storage and supply of materials

Reduce the pollution of compound and environment

Long service life

High compound dispersity

High production efficiency

Saving energy

TiERMAX tandem mixer

locates in a closed system, its dust pollution to the environment is limited.

Since the lower mixer doesn’t equipped with pressing system and no small compounds and oils are fed, the no oil sealing device can be used on rotor dust seal, this design will reduce the pollution of compound and environment, meantime the service life of the equipment can be significantly extended.

The tandem mixer adopts on-site online control on its upper & lower mixers, the compound quality will be stable due to the reducing of effect of human factor.

The use of tandem mixer technology avoids the requirements of multi-stage mixing, storage and supply of raw materials.

The tandem mixer is perfectly suitable for the mixing or final mixing of PCR or TBR compound, comparing with tangential mixer, the compound dispersity can be more than 10% higher, the compound mixing can be finished in one stage, the production efficiency can be more than 80% higher, 30-50% electric energy can be saved and 20-30% of the investment on workshop & equipment can be also saved.