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Internal Mixer (Sigma blade)

Internal Mixer (Sigma blade)

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Internal Mixer (Sigma blade)

Internal Mixer (Sigma blade) | TIERMAX

Internal Mixer (Sigma blade)

TiERMAX can offer a high-quality and high-performance internal mixer with reasonable design, advanced structure, reliable operation, and long service life.
Our internal mixer is suitable for tire and rubber industries to plasticization, master-batch, and final mixing, especially for radial tire compounds.
Intermeshing rotors and tangential rotors with 2 wing, 4wing, and 6wing available, and all parts contacted with the compound are stack welded alloy and circulated through cooling water with a large enough cooling area which is the guarantee of duality for mixing various compounds.
The drive system consists of a motor, precision gear reducer, drum-type gear coupling, and high-speed coupling.

Applications of Internal Mixer :

Tier Industry

Rubber Industry

Master batch and final mixing

Advantages of Internal Mixer :

Excellent mixing performance in heavy load

Adoptable PLC system for both manual and automatic functions

Flexible and wide area of application

Easy maintenance

More stability

Technical Specifications of Internal Mixer :

Total Volume Liter

1.5 - 650

Fill Factor

0.36 – 0.75

Specific Ram Pressure

0.47 – 0.62 MPa

Production Capacity

0.03 – 11.7 t/h

Internal Mixer (Sigma blade)

Technical Specification

Model GK1.5N GN60 GN110 GN160 GN255 GK270N GN300 GK400N GN430 GN650
Total volume of mixer Fill factor Specific ram pressure Max. productive capacity Air consumption Cooling water consumption
1.5 0.75 0.57 0.03 3 5
56 0.75 0.59 1.01 86 20
99 0.75 0.58 1.78 140 25
147 0.75 0.59 2.64 288 25
250 0.75 0.58 4.5 - 50
250 0.75 0.47 4.5 297 50
280 0.75 0.1-0.6 5 320 50
410 0.75 0.59 7.4 525 50
430 0.75 0.58 7.74 525 54
650 0.75 0.58 11.7 984 60

Features of our Internal Mixer:

1- The machine takes the structure of toy bricks, which can be turned by 180 degrees with each other and easy sited for place of installation and maintenance.

2- Intermeshing rotors and tangential rotors with 4-wing and ZZ, etc. are suitable for plasticization, master batch and final master batch of various compounds.

3- All parts contacted with compounds are stack weldedalloy and circulated through cooling water with large enough cooling area. it is equipped with water temperature regulating system of constant temperature control which is the guarantee of duality for mixed various compounds.

4- Drive system consist of motor and high precision hard teeth surface gearbox with drum type teeth coupling and high-speed couplings. It takes many kinds of forms for changing speed: DC motor, AC motor, AC motor with inverter, hydraulic motor drive. The machine has the advantages of smooth-driving, low-noise and a long service life, etc.

5- Control system adopts PLC with both manual and automatic functions with easy shift. It can realize to the control of time, temperature and energy. signal checking, feedback as well as safety protection are provided so as to control mixing quality of compounds more effectively, to shorten assistant time and to reduce labor intensity.

6- GK-type Internal Mixer’s ram has two forms available: Pneumatic ram and hydraulic ram. The rotor end dust stop also has two choices: mechanical seal and hydraulic seal.