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Mega Compounder

Mega Compounder

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Mega Compounder

Mega Compounder | TIERMAX

Large-Scale Compounder

The large scale twin screw extruder and pelletizing line (Mega Compounder) is economical processing for polyolefin production in petrochemical industry.

It is important to have continuous stable and maximum products quality in such high throughput production line. The majority application for our large scale twin screw extruder and pelletizing line is in LLDPE, HDPE and PP production. The most popular screw size is 320 mm and typical throughput of our mega compounder is 100,000 t/year, 200,000 t/year and 250,000 t/year.


Advantages of our Mega Compounder:

Maximum productivity

Better cost performance

More stability

After sales service

Applications of our Mega Compounder:

Compounding and pelletizing of PP, HDPE , LLDPE

Extruding and pelletizing of HDPE special for gas pipe