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Air Dehumidifier

Air Dehumidifier

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Air Dehumidifier

Air Dehumidifier | TIERMAX

Air Dehumidifier

During their production process, many production companies struggle with humidity issues. We developed the DryGenic® Air Dehumidifier, or air dryer, specifically for production and processing areas that are sensitive to moisture, temperature changes or micro-organisms.

By dehumidifying these areas, condensation and metal corrosion are prevented, and fungi- and bacterial growth controlled. As a result, the production environment becomes safe and perfectly controlled, thus significantly improving the working environment.

Advantages of the Air Dehumidifier

Simultaneous air cooling and drying

Sterile air

Precise humidity control

Reductions in energy and investment costs

Easy to operate

High reliability

Corrosion-resistant construction

Low maintenance, long life span

Technical Data of the Air Dehumidifier

Large air volumes: 4.650 – 140.000 m3/h (2,750 – 82,400 CFM)

Moisture removal: 57 – 2.000 kg/h (125 – 4,400 PPH)

Air dehumidifier

Improving environmental air conditions to reduce bacteria count or applying dehumidified air in an absorption drying application to improve the moisture evaporation rate, the dehumidification system can process large quantities of air.

• Our air dehumidifier system is specially developed to serve the changing needs of industrial, institutional and commercial users. It is specially designed to use low levels of energy and to minimize total energy consumption.

• Our air dehumidifier can handle target volumes of air. The latest designs are constructed of corrosion-proof material and have incorporated the latest advances in heat and mass transfer technology.

• Its simplicity and choice of construction materials make our dehumidifier a reliable air dehumidifier with a long life span.

• Our air dehumidifier has a very good performance, precise humidity and temperature control, low running costs and energy savings. All systems provide microbiological decontamination and have a very long life span.