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Dosing System for Animal Feed and Pet Food

Dosing System for Animal Feed and Pet Food

Accurate dosing of feed additives is the first step to achieving the required feed specification. Extra care should be taken when dosing liquids, as inaccuracy may cause problems in the mixer.

Dosing accuracy has become an important topic because of the need to comply with today’s high quality standards in feed production. Dosing influences the homogeneity of the mix, which in turn determines the quality parameters of the feed.

Feed additives can be added during processing in dry or liquid form. Liquid addition always causes micro-agglomeration or clustering by binding small particles to larger particles.

TiERMAX provides a full range of solutions to the pet food industries for the metering and highly accurate feeding of pet food and fish food ingredients into mixers and extruders, such as single screw feeders and twin screw feeders (both volumetric and loss-in-weight), liquid loss-in-weight feeders, and weigh belt feeders.

Our weighing systems can weigh both liquid and solid raw materials, as well as micro- and macro-ingredients.

Micro and macro ingredient weighing system

Micro and macro ingredient weighing system

The micro and macro ingredient weighing systems are used for the dosing of vitamins and nutrients in the feed compound.

Micro components dosing system allows dosing of the ingredients normally presents in small amounts in the formula.

Batch weighing of micro-ingredients according to the recipe in a fast and accurate process helps avoid cross-contamination and ensures nutritious feed pellets.

Low-rate twin screw feeders are ideal for the delivery of high-value vitamins and probiotics to the product blend.

Loss-in-weight system

The loss-in-weight system is suitable for weighing of mealy products/crumbles for liquid addition to for example a pellet mill and vacuum coater.

Loss-in-weight-feeders combine the accuracy of a static measuring with the flexibility and efficiency of a continuous dosing system.

Due to the flexible construction of our loss-in-weight-feeder strongly flowing and extremely heavily flowing materials can be dosed exactly.

Depending on the set value and on the loss of weight within the weighing bin the speed revolution of the screw is controlled so that the dosing capacity corresponds exactly to the set value.

Liquid dosing system for animal feed and Pet food

Liquid dosing system for animal feed and Pet food

The Dosing system for liquids, performs multiple key functions in a feed production process.
The process starts with weighing through high precision weighing machines, then a stirrer takes care of mixing and homogenizing the liquids.

This guarantees a homogeneous mixture even when liquids of different nature are combined together (water-based, oily and greasy liquids).

The mixture is then pumped with appropriate pumps designed specifically for the best possible handling of the liquids.

The liquids are then sprayed inside the mixer with special sprayers.

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