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Fish Food Production Line

Complete Fish Food Production Line

Our complete fish food production line is designed to meet the diverse needs of aquaculture, offering a comprehensive solution for producing high-quality fish feed. This advanced production line encompasses various processes, from raw material handling, extrusion system with the single screw or twin screw extruder to final packaging, ensuring efficient and reliable production.

The line begins with raw material reception and storage, where ingredients like fishmeal, grains, and additives are carefully handled and stored. Next, the raw materials undergo precise grinding and mixing to create a homogenous blend, ensuring optimal nutrient distribution.

The blended mixture is then conveyed to the extrusion process, where it is transformed into extruded fish feed. Extrusion technology allows for precise control of temperature, pressure, and moisture, resulting in enhanced digestibility, improved pellet integrity, and reduced feed waste.
Following extrusion, the fish feed is cooled and dried to remove excess moisture, enhancing its shelf life and stability. The dried pellets are then coated with a nutritional and palatable layer, further enhancing their attractiveness to fish.

Our complete fish food production line is designed for versatility, allowing for the production of various fish feed formulations tailored to different species and growth stages. It offers flexibility in pellet sizes, shapes, and floating or sinking characteristics, catering to the unique feeding habits of different fish species.

Advantages of our Fish Food Production Line

Advantages of our Fish Food Production Line

A High-Quality fish Food from any raw material

– Exact proportioning of solid matters, liquids, steam, and water

– Great possibility of customization of the configurations, depending on customer requirements

– Coating system for the application of oils, fats and micro-components in atmosphere or vacuum

– Optimization of spaces

– Automation of the production process with dedicated dosing system through software we manufacture

– Energy saving

– Easy to clean with dedicated inspection points

– Durability and ease of maintenance

– Integration with storage silos and bagging and palletization systems, such to provide a “Turnkey” fish feed production plant

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