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Vertical shrink wrapper

Vertical shrink wrapper

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Vertical shrink wrapper

Vertical shrink wrapper | TIERMAX

Vertical shrink wrapper

The shrink-wrappers of the vertical series are continuous motion packaging machines designed for packaging square bottom bags, bricks and cases arriving vertical on the infeed belt, using heat-shrinkable film.

The vertical shrink wrappers are ideal for medium and high production with the capacity up to 10 bundles/min.

One of the key advantages of the vertical shrink wrapper is its ability to handle various product sizes and shapes. The machine can easily accommodate products of different heights and widths, making it suitable for packaging items with irregular shapes or sizes.

Features and advantages of vertical shrink wrapper

Stainless Steel welded frame

Main movements geared by brushless motors

Hot bar sealing system with interchangeable teflon parts

Electronic regulation of transporting belts

Motorised reel unwinder

Electronic regulation of tunnel temperature and of the shrinking speed

Product transported inside tunnel on steel mesh

All functions controlled by integrated PLC

Formed and protected heating elements

Self-cooling electrical components

Machine mounted on adjustable feet

Pneumatic sealing bar

Wrapping materials: PPE

ECC certified materials

Vertical shrink wrapper consists of:

Carousel for receiving bags for the formation

and stabilization of the square bottom

Sorting device equipped with a diverter to

distribute the packages in two rows

Pneumatic pusher for transferring the pairs

formed on the bundle pre-forming belt

Pneumatic pusher for transferring the bundle

against the LDPE film

Welding unit for closing the edges behind the

bundle itself

Hot-air thermo-retraction oven with bundle

feed on a metal mesh conveyor belt

Exit and cooling belt conveyor

Vertical shrink wrapper

The vertical shrink wrapper is a versatile and efficient packaging solution used to wrap and seal products in a protective shrink film. This automated machine offers a vertical sealing mechanism, making it ideal for packaging a wide range of products, including bottles, cans, boxes, and more.

The vertical shrink wrapper operates by feeding the product into the machine, where it is then wrapped tightly with a shrink film. The machine uses heat to seal the film around the product, creating a secure and tamper-proof package. As the sealed package moves through the machine, hot air is applied to shrink the film tightly around the product, providing a clean and professional appearance.


The vertical design of the machine offers several benefits. Firstly, it requires less floor space compared to horizontal shrink wrappers, making it a space-saving option for smaller production areas. Additionally, the vertical orientation allows for efficient integration into existing production lines, optimizing workflow and reducing downtime.


This machine offers flexibility in terms of film selection. It can work with different types of shrink films, including polyolefin and PVC, providing options for different packaging requirements. The machine can also be adjusted to control the film tension, ensuring a tight and secure wrap around the product.

The vertical shrink wrapper enhances product protection by providing a sealed barrier against dust, moisture, and tampering. It also improves the product’s aesthetic appeal, creating a professional and visually appealing package that enhances brand image.


We specialize in providing high-quality vertical shrink wrappers. Our machines are designed for durability, ease of use, and optimal packaging performance. With our expertise and advanced technology, you can streamline your packaging process, protect your products, and enhance the overall presentation of your goods.