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Horizontal shrink wrapper

Horizontal shrink wrapper

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Horizontal shrink wrapper

Horizontal shrink wrapper | TIERMAX

Horizontal shrink wrapper

The shrink-wrappers of the horizontal series are continuous motion packaging machines designed to pack bags of any shape with heat-shrink film, bricks and cases arriving in a horizontal position on the inlet belt.

The horizontal shrink wrappers are ideal for medium and high production with the capacity up to 12 bundles/min.

Features and advantages of horizontal shrink wrapper

Stainless Steel welded frame

Main movements geared by brushless motors

Hot bar sealing system with interchangeable teflon parts

Electronic regulation of transporting belts

Motorised reel unwinder

Electronic adjustment of tunnel temperature and of the shrinking speed

Product transported inside tunnel on steel mesh

All functions controlled by integrated PLC

Formed and protected heating elements

Self-cooling electrical components

Machine mounted on adjustable feet

Pneumatic sealing bar

Wrapping materials: PPE

ECC certified materials

Horizontal shrink wrapper consists of:

Bag’s sorter / distributor device

Pre-formation layer belt conveyor

Pneumatic pusher of the layer

Descender for bundle layering

Mechanical pusher of the bundle against the


Welding unit of the film around the bundle

Hot-air thermo-retraction oven with bundle

feed on a metal mesh conveyor belt

Evacuating and cooling belt conveyor